Tip From My Kitchen~Freeze Milk

9:59 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Milk getting close to expiration?   Freeze it in ice cube trays.  Then pop milk cubes in a ziplock bag.   Use for cooking or adding to milkshakes.   This has saved me many times when I need milk for cooking & didn’t realize I was out!  The average cube is 1 ½ Tablespoons


Denny’s Free Coupon Grand Slam Meal

7:07 am

by Jennifer Freeman

dennys free grand slam

Denny’s Free Grand Slam Meal

What a fab deal!  Get a Denny’s Coupon for a Free Grand Slam meal!  It’s easy to get this freebie from Denny’s.  Head over to the Dennys Specials page and join in their “rewards program”  they will send you a coupon for a Free Grand Slam meal on your birthday!

Denny’s Free Coupon Offer

I love Free On Your Birthday Deals.  Don’t forget to have the whole family join too, let everyone get a free on your birthday deal!

See more FREE On Your Birthday Deals list

Hot Tip:  I don’t use my actually birthday on every birthday freebie otherwise it’s too many freebies all at one time.  I use our anniversary for some and a random month for others to spread out the free stuff!!



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Milwaukee Free Extreme Couponing Classes!

Meet Jen Freeman in Milwaukee at the FREE Extreme Coupon class.  It’s time to learn how to save your family hundreds of dollars every single month.  Get all the tips and tricks I used on my shopping trips on TLC’s Extreme Couponing show.

 Jen Morris and I will be in Milwaukee for 3 days to teach the free extreme coupon workshop so you can easily save money on your household grocery store shopping trips.

Learn to save 50% at the grocery store after hearing our tried and true secrets to successful shopping beating the stores at their own game!

Watch the interview on the Milwaukee News and how Gail and Bonnie from Milwaukee saved over 50% after taking the class!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

May 10, 11, or 12 – Two daily sessions 4pm or 7pm

Tuesday, May 10, 4pm or 7pm
Sterling Chalet
1271 Highway 175
Hubertus, WI 53033

Wednesday, May 11, 4pm or 7pm
New Berlin Banquet Center
160000 W Cleveland Ave
New Berlin, WI 53151

Thursday, May 12, 4pm or 7pm
Best Western Plus – Milwaukee Airport
5105 S. Howell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Share this link with your friends and we will see at the Milwaukee Extreme Couponing Events!


How to Get Great Customer Service

12:08 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

how to get good customer service

How to Get Great Customer Service


Rather than walking out of the store in frustration when you come up against bad or challenging customer service, try these few tips to help change the situation and get good customer service:

  • Be Nice: This may be difficult, but losing your temper is always counterproductive.  Be polite with whomever you’re talking to. Compliments go a long way.
  • Go Online: A complaint on Twitter or Facebook can attract quick attention by the companies. Most companies monitor the Web for issues that may hurt their brand, and respond quickly to dissolve heated situations.
  • Follow the Chain: Ask to see a supervisor. If that doesn’t work, talk to the manager, and if you’re still dissatisfied, send an email to customer service or give the 800 phone number a call.
  • Drop Names: Don’t hesitate to mention the “other guy”. If, for instance, a salesperson won’t let you use a coupon a day early, say you’re headed straight to the competition or the same store down the street that understands their policies. A little leverage can work wonders.

Over my years of couponing many times when a cashier or manager says, “this coupon can’t be used” discovering what the problem is can result in better outcomes.  Regarding coupons specifically,  ask non-threatening questions  (“what seems to be the problem” or “can you show me why this coupon can’t be used” or “what is the stores specific policy about that”)  many times you’ll end up with good results!   It gives you an opportunity to share why this is a coupon should be accepted!  I find most often it is just a simple misunderstanding of the sale or coupon that can easily be corrected.

The moral of the story can simply be ask questions and listen then listen more.  These are my best Tips on how to get good customer service.  

What have you done that has made satisfaction and great customer service for you?  Please share your secrets for success to  getting great customer service.


krispy kreme free donut day

Krispy Kreme Free Donuts

In celebration of Krispy Kreme annual Superhero Day coming on April 28, 2016. They announced buy a dozen original glazed doughnuts and getting a dozen FREE!  Our local Vegas store does participate, but always check yours.   I am taking my sweet twins…will you be going and dressing up?

Here is the announcement straight from the KripsyKreme.com website:

Customers who buy a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts at regular menu price will get another dozen Original Glazed doughnuts absolutely free at participating U.S. shops on April 28.

It’s a sweet way to celebrate the Super Heroes in your life!  Costumes are not required, just super encouraged.

Share your super hero moment with your sidekicks using #KrispyKreme. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Valid only at participating U.S. & CAN shops.

Shops NOT participating in the offer are as follows: Albany GA;
Macon, GA (both locations), Walter Robbins GA; Spartanburg, SC; Anderson SC; Pigeon Forge, TN; CT shops


Bread Outlet Stores Saves You Dough

10:00 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Bread Outlet

How To Shop A Bread Outlet Store

If you are under the impression that a bread outlet store sells less than fresh only outdated and day old products – you are in for a surprise!!   Learning how to shop a bread outlet store can save you over 70% on bread and MORE!   The breads and products are sold within the standard of freshness for the industry.   The only items that are outdated at the store I shop are the ones they give away for free when you spend a certain dollar amount.

The bread above I paid $9.18 for, and only 1 item was outdated (by 1 day) and that was given to me for free! The Entenmann’s Outlet store that I shop in carries Bobs Red Mill products and Bear Creek products! Now, I love to make homemade bread and do it often, but I am not making buns, English muffins etc!

What I learned about shopping at a bread outlet.

  • There is a greater variety of products than in the grocery store.  I found items I love and never found in my favorite grocery stores!
  • Some items are only sold through certain stores, but the bread outlet store will take them all.
  • Many bread trucks are independently operated.  The drivers need to sell the bread..all the bread.  When particular items aren’t selling well at one grocery store they cannot move it to another store, but it can go to the outlet for sale.
  • Bread outlet stores carry a vast array of products.  Jams, coffee, tea, sauces, candy, soup mixes, beans, cookies, popcorn, crackers, stuffing mixes and more.

When shopping a bread outlet store, ask about these extra discounts:

  • Buyers club punch cards.  Earn punches based on dollar amount spent to get free items
  • Coupons? Most have a coupon of the month for buy one get one free or other deals.
  • Discounts? Military, foster parenting, seniors.  Just ask.
  • Use Valpak coupons for buy one get one free.  See Valpak coupons
  • Do they have a spend X dollar amount for a free item of the day program?
  • When do they have extra markdown days?

Don’t forget about your large local bakery stores.  We have a fabulous bakery called Great Buns in Vegas, they supply most of the restaurants in the city.  They have bread marked down each morning for $2!  The bread was baked the day before.  Call your local bakery stores and ask about their markdown policies.

If you are passing up the expensive bread in the grocery stores to save your family money, check into shopping bread outlets stores in your area-you may be pleasantly surprised!

Hot Tip:  Extend your savings by freezing the bread.  Leave in store packaging for short term freezing, or wrap in foil for up to 6 months.

Other items you find at bread outlet stores are:

  • Low-carb breads, cookies, cupcakes, moon pies
  • Popcorn
  • Pound (Mini) Cakes
  • Shortcake Dessert Shells
  • 100% Sugar Free wheat bread
  • Texas Toast
  • Home Pride Stuffing Mix
  • Meat Loaf Mix
  • Zesty Garlic Butter Crouton
  • Bagels
  • Heinz Condiments
  • Honey Graham Crackers
  • Seasoned Bread Crumbs
  • Weight Watchers items

Not all will carry these items but many do, so watch for these extra savings items.