Easy Steps to Sort and Store Kids Artwork

2:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman


kids artwork wall

 How To Store Kids Artwork

Back to school time brings home beautifully crafted artwork from the kids.  It’s priceless, but what to do with it?

Here are my tips on how to save childhood artwork and what I do in our household.

  • Hang the artwork in a special place when it first comes home.  I have a small wall next to the refrigerator that I tack the latest masterpiece onto.
  • After artwork is displayed for a week or so then spray drawings and artwork with hairspray to keep colors from fading and smudging, the sort and store it.


kids artwork - 3 yrs

Kids love to have their creations displayed.  I have the twins playroom upper wall lined with the artwork they did in their first artwork classes at the age of 3.   I love to see it and they feel very special seeing it is still displayed.  They are SO proud to have their creations displayed in a prominent way and I enjoy them too.



Sort and store artwork in these ways. 

  • Share and send it to Grandma or Grandpa with a note from the kids.
  • Take a few of them to the kids playroom (or use their bedroom) and make a “border of artwork” around the top of their wall.   kids drawings

Use a simple method of string and colorful clothespins.  Get the kids involved: buy clothespins at the dollar store, let the kids paint them and use those pins to clip the artwork onto the string.


  • Some of the big milestone pieces or extra special ones I keep.  Date the back of the piece.   I have a special  portfolio to keep these special ones in tact.

The portfolio is only $10 (see Art Portfolio)



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How to Double Frosting in Minutes To Save!

1:07 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

How To Double Ready To Spread Frosting

HOT TIP:  Stretch your ready to spread frosting using my tried and true trick.  My frosting costs me 1/2 as much because it goes twice as far.  Here’s how to double your frosting –put the frosting in a mixing bowl and beat it for 1 minute on medium speed with your mixer.   Beating the frosting adds air and makes the frosting extra fluffy and creamy.  It spreads further and tastes so light and delicious!

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