redbox movies Current Redbox Promo Codes 2016

Free Redbox Promo Code –  Get a FREE 1-day DVD movie rental at the kiosk (or pop on to and reserve your movie) use code CHAMPION (valid through 2/8).


New Current Promotion:

Use code: CHAMPION


Try these codes for more free Redbox Rentals:
BREAKROOM – (Good for free Redbox rental and works occasionally)

DVDTMAC – (Free code valid at some McDonald’s)

DVDATWAG – (Free movie rental code, old but still good at some Walgreens locations)

DVDKROG – (Promo code for Redbox is good at some Kroger stores)

DRIVEIN – (Redbox movie rental code valid at Sonic Locations)

DVDNIGHT – (Redbox free code for one movie rental)


Text Free Redbox Rental Codes

  • Text APPNOW to 727272 for free rental
  • Text MOVIE to 727272 for free rental
  • Text MOVIE TIME to 727272 for a weekly rental code.  Try this one time a week.
  • Text FREEBIE to sign-up for occasional texted free Redbox promo rental codes in return.

Help keep this list current and SHARE ANY NEW CODES or expired ‘s in the comments!

 HOT TIP:  If  a code doesn’t work for you, try a different credit/debit card — that usually works.  Some promo codes work only one time per card!


When using these FREE Redbox Rental Codes return free movie by 9PM the following day to avoid a one day charge.  Redbox rental locations. The kiosk rental seems to be the friendliest for using the codes, but certainly try online first if you want to reserve a movie or game.


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What’s Best To Buy In February?

8:06 am

by Jennifer Freeman


seasonal Sales

What’s Best To Buy In February?

Have you ever wondered what are the best months to buy certain items? What are the best clearance deals this month?   The “when is it best to buy” monthly series will give you all the answers.  I’m giving you my best monthly strategies and secrets from years of making our monthly budget stretch without doing WITHOUT!     You’ll learn to buy when the best price presents itself using the What’s Best To Buy series as your ultimate guideline to keep money in your wallet.

Every month has seasonal hot items: End of season clearance, prime purchase timing and peak season produce/groceries at the best pricing. When you learn what items are at optimal pricing each month, you will begin to save your hard earned money by planning purchases around seasonal deals.

During the year, when I make note of things we need to consider replacing in the house I will wait for the seasonal sale. While I am waiting, it gives me an opportunity to stash a little money away  and plan for that purchase.

So, What’s Best To Buy In February?


Valentines Day:  seasonal discounts on flowers, jewelry, gift sets, perfume/cologne, candies, chocolates, stuffed bears, music deals,  CD players,  clothes, Print CANDY COUPONS now and use them after Valentine’s day when the candy is 50% off.

Presidents Day Sales:  look for great deals on everything from clothing to flat screen TV’s and laptops, electronics, humidifiers, refrigerators, washing machines, other major appliances, etc.

National Canned Food Month: canned fruit, vegetables, meats: tuna, chicken, salmon, pie fillings, etc.

Pet Dental Health Month — The #1 reason our pets have long-term expensive health problems starts with dental issues!  Veterinarians have big discounts on dental care for your pet.  Call and check their specials, most run dental cleaning specials and getting your pets teeth cleaned will help with warding off expensive health problems later!!

Seasonal Produce Deals: artichoke, asparagus, raspberries, potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, collards, kale, kiwi, leeks, avocado, & spinach.

Whats On Clearance In February?

Clearance:  The day for love is followed by a week of sales. Once Valentine’s Day is done, look for major bargains on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers, themed candies, greeting cards and wrap, perfumes, and decorative gift boxes.  Print CANDY COUPONS now and use them after Valentine’s day when the candy is 50% off.

Buy red, pink and white items for a summer weddings, birthdays, even Christmas.  Buy up solid colored items now and use them for other occasions!

Print coupons now and watch for sales~Click Images Below!




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Free Sample from Salonpas Pain Patch 2016

5:17 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

salonpas sample

FREE Sample – Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Get the free 2-patch sample pack from Salonpas pain relieving patch.  These sample packs are the prefect item for travelers.  I have a small “first-aid” kit that stays packed in my suitcase with these amazing free samples.

Salonpas is a great pain reliever.  I like the way they are flexible, lightly stick like a giant Band-Aid to the part of my body that is aching to give it relief.

See their facebook page for more information about the free sample from Salonpas.



2016 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

10:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

2016 coupon insert schedule

 2016 Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule

For those who want to know what coupons inserts to expect in your Sunday Newspaper during 2016, here is a detailed list of the 2016 coupon inserts  scheduled week by week.  Inserts do take “Holidays”. In fact that is why I am providing this list.

If you will notice, when there is a “holiday” weekend there is usually a double insert the week before or after, so you never really miss out on any coupons!   This schedule is subject to change and some areas may have a slight schedule variation.  So be sure to always get your weekly Sunday newspaper so you never miss out!

The Free Coupon Database is the searchable place to locate all your coupons!


3 – RedPlum (2), SmartSource (2)
10 – RedPlum (2), SmartSource(2)
17 – SmartSource
24 – RedPlum, SmartSource
31 – RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G


7 – RedPlum, SmartSource
14 – RedPlum, SmartSource
21 – SmartSource
28 – RedPlum (2), SmartSource & P&G


6 – RedPlum, SmartSource
13 – RedPlum, SmartSource
20 – RedPlum (2), SmartSource (2)
27 – P&G (Easter)

2016 Coupon Inserts Continues….


Michaels Current 40% Coupon 2016

9:16 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

michaels 40% coupons

Michaels Current Coupon

Time to grab items using the Michael’s Current coupon that will get you 40% off your item.  Print or text your current Michael’s coupon.


Did you know there is an ongoing special discount for Teachers, Military and Seniors everyday at Michaels?  Get 10-15% off your entire purchase, if you are in one of those categories!  Be sure to ASK when you are at the cash register.  They will give the discount when you ask!


Click for Michaels 15% Military Discount CouponEveryday get 15% off entire purchase. 


Click for Michaels 15% Teacher’s Discount Coupon .  Get 15% off entire purchase everyday.


Click for Michaels 10% Senior Discount Coupon.  Get 10% off entire purchase, including sale prices, everyday when you are 55 and older.



Dairy Customer Appreciation Day 2012

50% off EVERYTHING, including cakes at Dairy Queen!
1660 W. Warm Springs today!!
Saturday, January 23rd

Run to our favorite Dairy Queen in Henderson  — Warm Springs and Arroyo Grande, right by Green Valley High School they are offering 50% off everything (including cakes) for Customer Appreciate Day 2016!!!  Saturday January 23, 2016   The only exclusion, the $5 lunch because it’s already dirt cheap!  WOW!!!!

Maybe we will see you there!  Dairy Queen, 1660 W. Warm Springs Rd, Henderson NV 89014  (click for map)


Find out if your local Dairy Queens is participating in Customer Appreciation Day 2016 – click on Dairy Queen Customer Appreciation Day.   Enter your local zip code and see what stores in your area are involved.   In the Vegas valley there are many Dairy Queens participating.


Video is from Dairy Queen, 1660 W Warm Springs Rd, Henderson NV 89014 702-433-7399

This is an OLD video from a few years ago —
This year the 50% of date is JANUARY 23, 2016!!

 Dairy Queen Customer Appreciation Day 2016