How to Fix Burned Gravy!

8:51 am

by Jennifer Freeman

How To Fix Burned Gravy


Don’t throw away burned gravy– there is hope to save the burned gravy!  If you are making gravy and accidentally burn it, here’s how to fix the burned gravy.   Pour it into a clean pan and continue cooking on low heat.   To take the “burned” taste from gravy use sugar.  Add a pinch of sugar, stir, and taste.  If the burned taste isn’t gone, try another pinch of sugar.  Avoid over-sugaring it.  The sugar works to cancel out the burned taste in the gravy.  It really works, I know!


10 Tips To Save Over The Holidays

1:25 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

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Tips To Save Over The Holidays

Here are 10 tips to help you save this year and in years to come!  The holidays are expensive, it is a fact!  But there is hope to curb holiday spending and still enjoy them.

The KEY to savings is to do something, anything —
Start on the road to saving somewhere, somehow!
You won’t be sorry, and besides you can always go back to spending more if you want! 


Holiday Saving Tips 1 and 2

Holiday Saving Tip #1 – Make A Spending Plan

Decide how much money you want to spend over the holidays.  It seems simple but put action to your spending plan by using prepaid credit cards.  Once you have determined how much money you plan to spend, get the cash and head to the store to load prepaid credit cards. Most stores, including grocery and pharmacies, have national credit cards (Visa, American Express and Master Card) that can be loaded with cash.

Prepaid credit cards are accepted and used like any other credit card. They cost a few dollars to load, but with your budget set and your prepaid credit card loaded unplanned spending will be limited and impulse buying lessened.

You could use the loaded credit card as a gift, wouldn’t a teenager love that?  If family plan to send money to kids for Christmas, no problem — load that cash to the prepaid cards too!


Holiday Saving Tip #2 – Use Gift Registries

To save time, money and hassle use a gift registry for your Christmas list.  No family member is guessing at what the kids want.  Have everyone in your household (mom, dad and kids) build a gift registry for the items they really want and create a Christmas Gift Registry in their name.  Most stores offer gift registries that are easily accessed and created online. Share the registry with each other, including out of state family.  Encourage your entire family to create a gift registry! But no peeking back at the registry after it’s created to see what has been purchased.

Have a variety of price points, size and item types.  Do the kids want a really cool pair of shoes? Do you want a certain kitchen gadget?  Balance your list with items wanted and needed.  Don’t forget the practical!  Adding items of need now means not having to buy them in the future; saving on your family budget.

When sharing the registry it helps prevent being stumped on what to buy each other and may alleviate receiving gifts you really do not want or need. Also, this will make sending the gifts nice and hassle free, too.  When ordering online, most companies will gift wrap and ship for you (many times for free!)— This saves you time, hassle and money: no gift wrapping, boxing, carrying, standing in line, extra luggage fees, etc.

Holiday savings tips #3 and #4,  coming soon
or for those who can’t wait (3&4) (5&6) (7&8) (9&10)


Upcoming FREE Extreme Coupon Classes

9:19 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Jen Freeman

Upcoming Extreme Couponing Classes ~ FREE to attend, but you must register.

I love teaching and sharing how can save like an Extreme Couponer getting the extreme savings while buying only the things you normally use in your house!

You will be amazed at how little time it takes to save big.  In the 90 minute class, you will have all the tried and true secrets to successful shopping beating the stores at their own game! Come on out, introduce yourself — I’d love to meet you!!

RSVP your spot ~ Click the City for Date and Times. It’s FREE

Dallas, TX 

Albuquerque, NM

Oklahoma City, OK

Looking forward to seeing you.  Bring a friend and a pen!


Watch the interview on the Milwaukee News and how Gail and Bonnie  saved over 50% after taking the class!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

See the recent shopping trips that class attendees shared on Facebook.  Josephinas and Denise D had some great recent shopping trips with pictures.



Zaycon Natural Meats

Zaycon has great deals and Flash sales often.  Check their site to see if their is a special deal running today.

Zaycon Foods is the most amazing place to get meat deals!  I order from Zaycon every time a deal comes along.  There was a cool segment on Good Morning America that talks about how simple & easy it is to use Zaycon for buying natural meats at greatly reduced prices. I swear by Zaycon, we’ve been eating their meats for 5 years now.  I have ordered everything they have offered and been over-the-moon happy with quality and price! It’s like shopping at Wholefood and not paying the prices!

Check out how easy it is with my pick-up video with Mr. Cameraman.

fresh zaycon hamburger



Other deals Zaycon is offering are: Fresh boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts, $1.69/#, Whole Chickens $1.59/#,  Chicken thighs 1.69/#, Bacon $3.79/#, Bacon wrapped pork tenderloins filets $2.79/#,  Pork Loin Extra Meaty Back Ribs $3.49/#,  Fresh Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham $3.49/#, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets $7.49/#,   Wild Cold Water Lobster Tails $21.99/#, Kansas City Strip Steaks $8.49/#,  Angus Ribeye Steaks $9.99/#, Fresh 80/20 Ground Beef $2.79/#,  Fresh 97/3 Ground Beef $3.79/#  and there may be are more offerings in your areas.   We have ordered every one of these meat items and love them all!  You won’t be disappointed.

This is my Zaycon referral link, and if you sign up and order I get a $1 credit from Zaycon.   I appreciate you using my link – it helps!  And after you sign up, share your link with friends and family and earn $1 credits too!



CPK Free Birthday deal

CPK Free On Your Birthday

California Pizza Kitchen has a free birthday dessert when you join the CPK Pizza Dough Rewards Program and give them your birthday.   But wait, there is more (I love saying that) there are deals when you join:

  • Guests receive $5 of rewards for every $100 spent towards their next dining experience.
  • Members receive insider benefits based on the frequency and spending during each visit.
  • Plus receive a FREE small plate appetizer when you register.

Hot Tip:  I don’t use my actually birthday on every birthday freebie otherwise it’s too many freebies all at one time.  I use our anniversary for some and a random month for others to spread out the free stuff!!

See more FREE On Your Birthday Deals!



If I was to do another TLC  Extreme Couponing show, this is the kind of shopping trip I would love to do! This is Extreme Couponing — save a ton of money using coupons and the current sales and deals to shop free!    This video taken during the General Mills buy 5 save $5 catalina deal shows how I went shopping and rolled one savings catalina deal into another (also know as “rolling’) to keep savings moving forward. This video was taken during my grocery shopping trip at my local Smith’s store in Vegas.  When you see these deals try “rolling” them and get the giant savings.  If you don’t need some of these items that are included, maybe you can pick some up and donate them or share with a family in your area that you know needs some help.

Learn about the coupon lingo and couponing 101.