$5 off Atkins Coupons and Free Starter Kit

6:20 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Grab $5 in Atkins product coupons.  It’s the new year and if you are watching your carbs Atkins or someone you know is you’ll really like the Free Starter kit too.


New and expecting mom’s get free formula samples, coupons and more –totaling $400 in value when you join Enfamil Family Beginnings.   There is a chance to win free formula for a year when you join.  Even if you are not planning to use the formula there are other great gifts like the super cute belly badges.  Check out the Enfamil coupons and deals here.




You will love this video that I found tonight!

It is one of the very first shopping trips that Mr. Cameraman filmed. We had so much fun going to the store and doing this trip.  He found his love for filming because of our shopping and couponing.   $370 worth of groceries for under $1 — what fun days!!


It Pays to Ask for Discounts

9:38 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

How to Ask for Discounts

Most of us have heard that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This same statement applies to saving money, too. Shoppers can acquire unannounced or unadvertised discounts simply by asking.

The following types of retailers offer discounts at checkout: restaurants, clothing stores, craft stores, automotive stores, department stores, entertainment stores, and home improvement stores. And sometimes even a smile and a question about discounts or deals could net you 10 percent off your purchase.

Yes, you read that correctly. Store cashiers are often authorized to give up to a 10 percent reduction simply when requested by a customer.

Some retailers have also set aside special discount days, some of which are unadvertised or unscheduled. Here are some examples of the discounts that can easily be found and qualified for: AARP, AAA, military, first responders, teachers, students, contractors and seniors. Because some people might get offended (for instance, with a senior discount), not every cashier will mention the discounts. So don’t be afraid to ask about a discount.

When asking for your discount, keep these questions in mind:

• Does your store have any discounts or coupon codes?

• Do you have any coupons available that I might not know about?

• Is there a way I can qualify for a 10 percent discount?

If you ask for extra savings, you might be surprised by how many you receive.

By Jen Freeman
Published in New Mexico Marketplace Nov 2017 edition
Albuquerque’s Best Shopping Source to Find What you Need   




Print These Coupons!

12:49 pm

by Jennifer Freeman


Here is a really good list of printable coupons I found today.  Angel soft toilet paper, Children’s Advil, Dreamfield Past and more.  Normally, you won’t see me list printables but these are some really high value ones that are pretty awesome!

$1/1 Wet n Wild Eye Product
$0.50/1 Wet n Wild Product
$1/1 Wet n Wild Face Product
$3/1 Zantac® 20 ct or larger
$0.55/1 Sharpie permanent marker (2 ct+)
$1/1 Selsun Blue® Product
$1.50/1 Rolaids® Bottle
$1/2 Kikkoman® Panko Bread Crumbs Products
$1.50/1 Kaopectate® product
$1/2 JOLLY TIME® Microwave Pop Corn (Excludes Single Microwave Bag)
$0.50/1 JOLLY TIME® Microwave Pop Corn (Excludes Single Microwave Bag)
$1/1 Green Giant® Veggie Tots, Riced Veggies, Mashed Cauliflower, Roasted Veggies, or Veggie Spirals
$1/1 Florida Crystals® Organic Sugar in a Flip-Top Canister or Liquid Sugar Product
$0.55/1 Florida Crystals® Sugar Product
$1/1 Expo dry erase marker (2 ct+)
$1/3 Elmer’s pourable glues (4oz+)
$1/1 El Monterey® Entrees
$2/1 Dulcolax® Laxatives & Stool Softener 25 ct or larger or Suppositories 4 ct or larger
$1.50/3 Dreamfields® Pasta
$1/2 Dreamfields® Pasta
$1/1 Dreamfields® Pasta
$2/1 DYMO LetraTag Label Maker Machine
$2/2 DYMO LetraTag Labels
$1/1 Cortizone-10® product
$1/1 Earthbound Farm Organic Products up to $5.99
$0.50/1 Betty Crocker™ Baking Mix OR Frosting
$0.50/1 package of Angel Soft® Bath Tissue, 4 Double Roll or larger
$1/1 package of Angel Soft® Mega Bath Tissue, 12 Roll or larger or 6 Mega or larger
$1/1 Oscillo® 6, 12 or 30 Dose
$1.50/1 Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken
$1/1 Cooked Perfect Frozen Meatballs
$1/1 Indian River Select® Brand juice 59oz
$1/1 Junior Strength Children’s Advil® Tablets
$1/1 Junior Strength Children’s Advil® Chewables
$1/1 Children’s Advil®


Zaycon Natural Meats

Zaycon has great deals and Flash sales often.  Check their site to see if their is a special deal running today.

Zaycon Foods is the most amazing place to get meat deals!  I order from Zaycon every time a deal comes along.  There was a cool segment on Good Morning America that talks about how simple & easy it is to use Zaycon for buying natural meats at greatly reduced prices. I swear by Zaycon, we’ve been eating their meats for 5 years now.  I have ordered everything they have offered and been over-the-moon happy with quality and price! It’s like shopping at Wholefood and not paying the prices!

Check out how easy it is with my pick-up video with Mr. Cameraman.

fresh zaycon hamburger



This is my Zaycon referral link, and if you sign up and order I get a $1 credit from Zaycon.   I appreciate you using my link – it helps!  And after you sign up, share your link with friends and family and earn $1 credits too!