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This is a rather old video Mr. Cameraman and I did, but I am resurrecting it because it shows how I do most of my shopping.   My shopping trips tend to be the polar-opposite of my TLC Extreme Couponing TV shopping trips, they are small in size but extreme in savings.

My definition of extreme couponing is extreme savings. It doesn’t mean clearing out the store. Simply matching store sales and discounts with manufacturer coupons.  We purchased only a few items in this video.  Without coupons, I would have spent $16.64 after coupons it was 1.58 (including tax)

$16.64 Before coupons
-$15.06 in store & manufacturer coupons stacked
=$1.58 OOP ~the extreme savings!


If I was to do another TLC  Extreme Couponing show, this is the kind of shopping trip I would love to do! This is Extreme Couponing — save a ton of money using coupons and the current sales and deals to shop free!    This video taken during the General Mills buy 5 save $5 catalina deal shows how I went shopping and rolled one savings catalina deal into another (also know as “rolling’) to keep savings moving forward. This video was taken during my grocery shopping trip at my local Smith’s store in Vegas.  When you see these deals try “rolling” them and get the giant savings.  If you don’t need some of these items that are included, maybe you can pick some up and donate them or share with a family in your area that you know needs some help.

Learn about the coupon lingo and couponing 101.


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Las Vegas Extreme Couponing Class – April 6

9:30 am

by Jennifer Freeman

RJ Coupon workshop Las Vegas Coupon Class

Come out to the free Vegas extreme coupon class.  Learn to lower your grocery by 50% using some super simple couponing techniques.  In just 90 minutes you will know all the in’s and out’s of how to save like I did on my shopping trip on TLC’s Extreme Couponing!

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RJ Coupon workshop


Come out to the free Vegas extreme coupon class on Jan 26.  Learn to lower your grocery by 50% using some super simple couponing techniques.  In 90 minutes you will know all the in’s and out’s of how I saved thousands on my shopping trip on TLC’s Extreme Couponing!


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Couponing Tip: Get Coupons Mailed

10:20 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Bricks coupons

How to get coupons mailed to you.

Extreme Couponing 101, save paper and ink!

Want to save paper and ink?  Plus have fewer problems redeeming printable coupons?    Here is a hot couponing tip for you ~ request you coupons to be mailed to you.    The most common coupon to have the option of receiving via mail are bricks coupons.   Now this option is on other printable coupons, and you may have to search around to see that option.

But for Bricks — When a bricks coupon print window opens, look for the Help option down at the bottom right.   See the image above.

Once you do you will either get a screen explains trouble shooting with your printer OR  You’ll get a form that you can fill out so the manufacturer will mail you the coupon instead. Just fill in your name and address to have the coupon mailed to you.

When the coupon comes your name will be printed on the coupon and that will make redemption much easier for you.   Usually you will receive it with in 7 days.  Watch your junk mail because the coupons are mailed in envelopes that can be mistaken for junk mail. Here is a coupon for you to try this out option on.  Coupon

Search around the free coupon database and try this option out.  But remember this seems to be only most often on the bricks printable coupons.

Have a couponing question? 
Leave it in the comments below and let’s get those questions answered!