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3:13 am

by Jennifer Freeman

My husband retired from the military. I feel fortunate to have lived in some unusual place during his career.  I am immensely proud of our military members and the sacrifices their families make.  I want to keep those of you who have access to the commissary and on base facilities up to date with deals.  I know it will exclude some of my blog readership, and for that I apologize in advance, but I feel it important to still keep military families abreast of as much savings information as I can. is a perfect place to start and refer back to for your commissary needs & questions.   You will find news feeds, upcoming events & sales, headquarter contact information, Deca FAQ’s and so much more.

I use the Savings Aisle feature on the site before I head to the commissary.  By using your social security number, name and DOB you can log in to receive sales pricing and manager specials specific to the commissary that you shop in.  I create my shopping list using the savings aisle feature here.

The links page will direct to you to many military & civilian organizations of benefit, including printable coupons from Maxisavers.

Watch for Take’n-Save coupon dispensers on store shelves.

DECA  has a Facebook page that will help keep you up to date on information.

Does the commissary take Register Rewards and other catalinas?  YES!!  The commissary will take catalinas printed from other stores as long as the Catalina does NOT read redeemable “ONLY” at xyz store, if it reads redeemable at xyz store it can be used.   Anytime I am using a catalina at the commissary (I use catalinas every time I shop there)  if I have a cashier not familiar (or say “you can’t use this it’s for store xyz” I ask them to take it to the cashiers cage and verify).  You can read DECA’s response to allowing the use of catalina usage at the commissary here. I have this printed out and taken it with me.  It took me several trips before I no longer had to show this information from DECA.  However, having said all this it still remains to be seen where no one is told “no”  about using catalinas.  I am thankful that the commissary where I shop has finally become friendly with catalina usage.

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