Consumer Watch: Stop clipping & load your savings onto a commissary  coupon card

By Karen Jowers – Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Jun 9, 2011 11:56:04 EDT

Shoppers can expect to see two new incentive cards at commissaries over the next several months — a digital coupon card and a gift card.

The digital coupon card, also called a loyalty card, is expected to be introduced in the fall, according to commissary officials who spoke at a conference recently in Norfolk, Va.

Digital coupon offers from manufacturers and third-party coupon issuers will be uploaded directly to the Defense Commissary Agency’s contractor on the project.

Before their commissary shopping trip, customers will visit the DeCA website to peruse the coupon offerings, then click on the coupons they’d like to redeem to digitally load them to their coupon cards. Customers swipe their cards at the register to redeem the offers. The uploaded information contains all the coupon rules, such as redemption value, expiration date, number of redemption’s per purchase and any other terms and conditions.

Commissary officials say it’s too early to know how many coupons will be offered, but they told the Norfolk conference audience there has been interest in such a program from manufacturers for years.

The card will let customers take advantage of more coupons that apply to their commissary, say officials, who also hope it will reduce fraudulent coupons and redemption errors.

Commissary shoppers’ coupon use has declined a bit this year, according to Chris Burns, DeCA’s director of sales. Between Oct. 1 and April 30, customers redeemed 71 million coupons for a savings of $64.6 million. Over the same period in fiscal 2010, they redeemed 76 million coupons for a savings of $67 million.

The good news is that the average value of a coupon has risen to 91 cents — from 87 cents in fiscal 2010 and 83 cents in fiscal 2009.

This article is lifted in its entirety from the Army Times online.


free dodger tickets for military during may

11:54 am

by Jennifer Freeman

During the month of May, your valid military ID will be good for 2 complimentary tickets during home games courtesy of the Dodgers, when presented at the Dodger Stadium ticket booth day of game. 

Home game days remaining are: 5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30 & 5/31

Deep discounts apply to all other Dodger home games during the 2011 season for military ID card holders.  

Go HERE for more details.

Thank you Dodgers!


military commissary information

3:13 am

by Jennifer Freeman

My husband retired from the military. I feel fortunate to have lived in some unusual place during his career.  I am immensely proud of our military members and the sacrifices their families make.  I want to keep those of you who have access to the commissary and on base facilities up to date with deals.  I know it will exclude some of my blog readership, and for that I apologize in advance, but I feel it important to still keep military families abreast of as much savings information as I can. is a perfect place to start and refer back to for your commissary needs & questions.   You will find news feeds, upcoming events & sales, headquarter contact information, Deca FAQ’s and so much more.

I use the Savings Aisle feature on the site before I head to the commissary.  By using your social security number, name and DOB you can log in to receive sales pricing and manager specials specific to the commissary that you shop in.  I create my shopping list using the savings aisle feature here.

The links page will direct to you to many military & civilian organizations of benefit, including printable coupons from Maxisavers.

Watch for Take’n-Save coupon dispensers on store shelves.

DECA  has a Facebook page that will help keep you up to date on information.

Does the commissary take Register Rewards and other catalinas?  YES!!  The commissary will take catalinas printed from other stores as long as the Catalina does NOT read redeemable “ONLY” at xyz store, if it reads redeemable at xyz store it can be used.   Anytime I am using a catalina at the commissary (I use catalinas every time I shop there)  if I have a cashier not familiar (or say “you can’t use this it’s for store xyz” I ask them to take it to the cashiers cage and verify).  You can read DECA’s response to allowing the use of catalina usage at the commissary here. I have this printed out and taken it with me.  It took me several trips before I no longer had to show this information from DECA.  However, having said all this it still remains to be seen where no one is told “no”  about using catalinas.  I am thankful that the commissary where I shop has finally become friendly with catalina usage.

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