Extreme Couponing (Video) doesn’t have to mean mountains of stuff

9:42 am

by Jennifer Freeman

This is a rather old video Mr. Cameraman and I did, but I am resurrecting it because it shows how I do most of my shopping.   My shopping trips tend to be the polar-opposite of my TLC Extreme Couponing TV shopping trips, they are small in size but extreme in savings.

My definition of extreme couponing is extreme savings. It doesn’t mean clearing out the store. Simply matching store sales and discounts with manufacturer coupons.  We purchased only a few items in this video.  Without coupons, I would have spent $16.64 after coupons it was 1.58 (including tax)

$16.64 Before coupons
-$15.06 in store & manufacturer coupons stacked
=$1.58 OOP ~the extreme savings!

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Amanda June 17, 2011 at

I just wanted to make a comment on the $1 Granola Bars. I went to Target about 2 weeks ago and tried to get the Nature Valley Granola Bars on the $1 rack. I picked up 6 and I had a coupon for $0.50 off of any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Bars. The only exclusion was Narture Valley Granola Thins. Well the cashier scanned them all and proceeded to put them in her coupon bag. Well she took a second look at the coupon and called over the manager. The manager told me I could not use them on the little boxes because the picture is showing the big boxes. Then she started to read the fine print and she told me I have to go by what they “specified” and that was the picture. I told her the specification is the verbiage on the coupon NOT the picture. She told me “no, ma’am you can not use this and told me I should read my coupons before I try to use them” I was upset and embrassed, I never had a problem w/ Target before. So I called corporate and explained the whole thing and they sent me 7 $3 off coupons that did not have an expiration date on them and the guy at Corporate told me if the coupon scans then you can use it, and that he will send someone out to retrain the staff at that store. So basically that mistake form that manager gave me $21 to sepnd in Target. I just thought I would share w/ you.


Ruby from Eagle Rock June 18, 2011 at

Amanda you are amazing…good for you for standing up for what is right. It helps all of us couponers when the clerks and managers understand the rules. As it can reallly scare a newbie when this happens to them. I am a newbie and have had clerks help me through some transactions to my advantage. And then some who act like the money is coming out of their pocket that you save from using the coupon.


Amanda June 20, 2011 at

Thank you so much Ruby for that, I’m a newbie too just about 3 months into the game. I did not set out to get any reward from Target, that was a bonus. I just wanted to use my original coupons for those Granola bars. I went this weekend to a Super Target down the street and they took my coupons just fine and I’m glad because they expire in a couple more days. I can’t admitt I was scared I was going to be rejected again, but it all worked out.