Free McDonald’s Coupon And Thank You Mr. Cameraman~ you’re the best!!

10:30 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Mr. Cameraman saw how crazy busy I was, and my desk is piled high (and making me crazy) he saved the day! Thank you, my dear husband, for being so nice to bring me a McDonald’s Chiller drink.

Don’t miss out on the free McDonald’s Cherry Berry Cooler coupon this weekend! Maybe you can surprise someone with a yummy drink, just like Mr. Cameraman did!

And get the $1 off McDonald’s Coupon (it’s printable)

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Melannie May 20, 2012 at

Hi Jen

I found my free cherry berrry coupons and I can enjoy 5 free coolers because I get 5 newspapers too!

Thanks for the last meeting in Orange county! It was my second one and I
brought a friend to share the info. I am excited to save lots of money



Jennifer Freeman May 20, 2012 at

Hi Melannie — Just think those cooler just about pay for your entire year newspaper subscription!

So glad you came back to the couponing event with a friend. It really will keep you motivated with a couponing partner. That’s what Shannon and I are for each other! It’s fun.

If you have any questions certainly ask – we are here to help you out. And on the Tipresource facebook page, people are so helpful too.