Painless Ways to Save on Activities and Still Enjoy Life

9:59 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Painless Ways to Save on Activities


If you are looking to have experiences not expensive excursions you are in the right spot. Date nights and entertaining the kids can be expensive.  We don’t want the guilt by saying no to the kids about activities or the small fortune we spend every time we leave the house for an activity or night out.  Try some of these ideas without the big expense attached while still enjoying life.   Give something new a try once you may love it!

  • Light up the BBQ grill and invite friends over or have a potluck instead of going to a restaurant.  Enjoy your backyard fire pit and roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Skip the theater and have a movie or game night at home with fun snacks.
  • Check community calendars, park and city events, or do a simple internet search to find free activities in your area.  A great place to search is Eventbrite.  There is something for everyone.  You’ll find festivals, public performance, concerts, classes and more.  In the past, we’ve attended a slime making class and a bread making class.
  • Since you were a kid the library has changed- however it’s still free. Books are available digitally. Borrow CD’s, DVD’s; and of course, print books. Check the library’s online calendar for free classes. There’s community groups teaching, children’s classes offered, Teen zone, and free homework help. The library offers a great deal of free resources.
  • When buying sporting equipment first consider resale. With all the apps, local Facebook groups and online places to purchase resale, deals are available.  Earn some money selling the sporting equipment you no longer need.

Apply These Savings to Your Activities: Cancel unused memberships such as magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, video clubs, and online forums.  Review your cellphone bill with recent plan changes and insurance increases savings is possible.

Most importantly, have fun while enjoying the people you choose to spend your time with trying a new less expensive activity.

By Jen Freeman
Published in New Mexico Marketplace Sept 2017 edition
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