Are School Nights Brutal? Try These Homework Help and Parents Tips

6:58 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Homework Help with Dad

Now that school has started, you may be experience the dread of nightly homework.  These tips and ideas may help you get on track and schedule.


  1. REWARDS for good behavior- Rewarding good behavior is just as important if not MORE important than punishment for bad behavior. Helping out around the house, playing nicely with their siblings, a good report card…all of these are examples of good behavior and should be rewarded. Make sure the child knows exactly why they are being rewarded, so that they’ll know that this is how they are expected to act.
  2. TIMEOUTS! –the secret to these is consistency and fairness. I would recommend giving a warning before a timeout, and if the bad behavior continues follow through EVERY TIME with the necessary time out. Empty threats teach children that sometimes they can get away with acting out
  3. CONSEQUENCES– if the child makes a mess THEY should be responsible for cleaning it up. You can help, or show/tell them how to do it. But it’s important that THEY take responsibility for THEIR actions.


Extra Tips for HAPPY children:

  • AFFIRM your child’s self-worth is based on the person he is, and not to compare himself to others
  • DEVELOP a mission statement for your family that focuses on- mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • Constantly remind your kids that you LOVE them just the way they are
  • GRADES are not a reflection of the type of person your child is; if your child is struggling in a subject get them the necessary help without making them feel stupid.
  • Have your kids teach YOU what they’re learning about (in school)
  • LISTEN to your children; give them your full attention and respond accordingly
  • CONTROL how much television your children watch; there’s no need for children to have access to television 24/7, especially younger children
  • Computers should be used for homework and other NECESSARY things on school nights. If children are spending a great deal of time on the computer for fun activities, it’s a hard habit to change.  Limit fun time for  after homework completion rewards or weekends only.

Adapted from Stephen Covey 7 Habits

Mr. Cameraman (a.k.a as my dear husband Mike) was a 7 Habits class facilitator and our kids were required to read 7 Habits of Highly effective Teens in school last year.  The principles Stephen Covey conveys will enhance your life and relationships.  It is worth applying his habits.

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