Readers Questions Answered: Why use Walmart in the coupon deals?

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by Jennifer Freeman

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Readers Couponing Questions Answered

Angela from Oregon asked:  “I appreciate when you share the latest coupons or good deals, it helps me know what coupons to print.  I don’t shop at Walmart and on many of the coupons you show that Walmart is a good place to use the coupon.  Will you show more options for other stores? Oh and I see the Walmart logo on some of the coupons, can they be used anywhere else?

These are great questions!

Why Walmart?   Actually I don’t shop Walmart all that often.  For me the Walmart Neighborhood Markets in Las Vegas are usually the only Walmart I generally shop  instead of the super centers.  I found the prices at the Neighborhood Markets are the same as super centers.   The reason why I often use Walmart in the coupon deal scenarios is because Walmart is a good measure of what a sale price you can expect to see at other stores.  Of course – it’s for the Walmart shoppers, too.   Walmart is a good gauge of sorts to know what a good price would be to pay when using a coupon.  The bottom price after coupons represent a good price for stocking up.  When an item is on sale at another store, I do always try to include that in the deal scenario.

Walmart Logo On The Coupon, now what?:  Many time the logo you see on the screen on the printable coupons (usually only on will show on the SCREEEN ONLY and not print on the coupon.  Mr. Cameraman would say “Walmart is buying braincells”.   If a coupon does print the Walmart logo on it you will see it several ways.  1) Shows Walmart logo only 2) prints “redeemable at Walmart” or “found at Walmart” 3) And the rare occasion “Redeem at Walmart Only”

1) Shows only Walmart Logo, redeemable at Walmart or found at Walmart printed on the coupon.   These coupons can be used at any store, they are a regular manufacturer coupon that Walmart paid to have their name printed.  It is up to each stores discretion if they want to take them.  I personally have never been turned away from using these coupons at any store.

2) Redeem at Walmart Only:  Then that is the “rule” for that coupon, it can be used only at a Walmart store.  This is very rare to see printed on the coupons.  As with any coupon that prints a store name and the wording “only” it is restricted to that particular store.

The exception is if a store wants to use their “Price Match Policy” and they choose to accept competitor store coupons.  ie: Walmart does accept other stores coupons.

For more information be sure to check out the coupon 101, coupon terms & acronyms and other 101 help.


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