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by Jennifer Freeman

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Extreme Couponing Questions

How to make the most of Extreme Couponing 101.  There is a common coupon question about wording on coupons and I want to make sure I address it for new couponers and readers.   This is the question Keely left in the comments on a post:  “Newbie question…When the coupons (especially says “available at Walmart”, does that mean you have to use it there? Or will other stores accept it? Like Target or Walgreen’s?”


Hi Keely — Great question. And we all have asked this before when learning about coupons. When it shows “available at Walmart” or “redeemable at Walmart” it’s just Walmart paying to have their logo seen and letting you know you can use the coupon there, like a suggestion.  It is a manufacturer coupon than can be used any place that takes coupons, NOT just Walmart.  So, yes you can use it at Walgreens, Target and any other store.

If you see a coupon that shows “redeemable ONLY at Walmart” then that is the rule for that coupon and it can only be used at Walmart or whatever store is listed.  This does not happen too often. So the trick is the wording “only”

See the image below with how it will print on the coupon.  Missing are the words “only”  so use it anywhere.

Hope this helps you along on your Extreme Couponing ventures! Jen

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Jamie February 9, 2013 at

Jen, I also have had problems using the coupons with the available and redeemable at walmart coupons. I recently tried to use a coupon for the diet pepsi deal at walgreens and was told at two different walgreens that I could not use it there. Some cashiers will just let it go, but some will not. I asked for a Manager and was still not allowed to use the coupons. Also, lately there seems to be alot of these coupons with the Walmart logo available for print.


Jennifer Freeman February 21, 2013 at

Hi Jamie — I am so surprised you are having some of these problems, especially at Walgreens. I use them all the time at Walgreens — the key is it has to say manufacturer coupon on top and show redeemable at…and not redeemable ONLY at. Honestly, I would find out the store number and call Walgreens corporate office about this. These are regular manufacturer coupons that Walgreens will get reimbursed for,and there is NO reason why they shouldn’t allow the coupons usage.

Oh and FYI – Many of the coupons on on screen will show Walmart, but do not print with Walmart mentioned.

Hope this helps, Jen