What’s Best To Buy In February?

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by Jennifer Freeman


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What’s Best To Buy In February?

Have you ever wondered what are the best months to buy certain items? What are the best clearance deals this month?   The “when is it best to buy” monthly series will give you all the answers.  I’m giving you my best monthly strategies and secrets from years of making our monthly budget stretch without doing WITHOUT!     You’ll learn to buy when the best price presents itself using the What’s Best To Buy series as your ultimate guideline to keep money in your wallet.

Every month has seasonal hot items: End of season clearance, prime purchase timing and peak season produce/groceries at the best pricing. When you learn what items are at optimal pricing each month, you will begin to save your hard earned money by planning purchases around seasonal deals.

During the year, when I make note of things we need to consider replacing in the house I will wait for the seasonal sale. While I am waiting, it gives me an opportunity to stash a little money away  and plan for that purchase.

So, What’s Best To Buy In February?


Valentines Day:  seasonal discounts on flowers, jewelry, gift sets, perfume/cologne, candies, chocolates, stuffed bears, music deals,  CD players,  clothes, Print CANDY COUPONS now and use them after Valentine’s day when the candy is 50% or more off.

Presidents Day Sales:  look for great deals on everything from clothing to flat screen TV’s and laptops, electronics, humidifiers, refrigerators, washing machines, other major appliances, etc.

National Canned Food Month: canned fruit, vegetables, meats: tuna, chicken, salmon, pie fillings, etc.

Pet Dental Health Month — The #1 reason our pets have long-term expensive health problems starts with dental issues!  Veterinarians have big discounts on dental care for your pet.  Call and check their specials, most run dental cleaning specials and getting your pets teeth cleaned will help with warding off expensive health problems later!!

My friend recently spent $750 having some of her dog’s teeth pulled.  Had she cleaned them annually, the cost would have been about $35 a year.  Her dog would have kept his teeth, been healthier, and would not have been in so much pain.  Call the vet! 🙂

Seasonal Produce Deals: artichoke, asparagus, raspberries, potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, collards, kale, kiwi, leeks, avocado, & spinach. Blackberries are most flavorful, and you’ll find good sales on grapes.

Whats On Clearance In February?

Clearance:  The day for love is followed by a week of sales. Once Valentine’s Day is done, look for major bargains on heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers, themed candies, greeting cards and wrap, perfumes, and decorative gift boxes.  Print CANDY COUPONS now and use them after Valentine’s day when the candy is 50% and more off.

Anything nursery related like potted tulips or azaleas will go on sale directly after Valentine’s Day.

End of football season sales on equipment or your favorite sports team memorabilia.

Buy red, pink and white items for a summer weddings, birthdays, even Christmas.  Buy up solid colored items now and use them for other occasions!

Print coupons now and watch for sales~Click Images Below!




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