Frugal (and Romantic) Valentine’s Day Ideas

8:45 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Frugal Valentines Day ideas

Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you still at a loss for a nice Valentine’s Day idea that is budget friendly and romantic.  Here are several frugal Valentine’s Day ideas:

  1. Plan an un-fancy fancy meal.   What? Let me explain ~ Break out the nice silverware, linens, dishes, candles and soft music, but prepare a simple meal one that is easy and doesn’t require expensive ingredients or a great deal of time.  It’s easy to forget staying at home can be enjoyable if we use candles with a quiet dinner together, relaxing and enjoying each others company.  Buy a fancy dessert as added fun to the end of dinner.  The meal doesn’t have to be fancy, the extra special dessert is enough.
  2. Pack a blanket, hot chocolate in a thermos and go to the park at night.  Enjoy each others company and swing!
  3. Make a yummy dessert together.  It can be fun and romantic.  Pick a Valentine’s Recipe
    , gather the ingredients and plan on having some fun baking.  It can be fun and playful.
  4. After kids are in bed dessert.  Buy ice cream, chocolate and whip cream and enjoy dessert late.
  5. Go ice skating or roller skating.  Think about how long it has been that you have done something like this!  It can be a lot of laughs to watch each other learn to skate again.
  6. Find the old fashioned photo booth at the mall and take silly pictures.   Put the picture strip on the refrigerator and it will be a fun reminder all year of your time together.
  7. Celebrate late (or a day early)!  Pick the 15th (or 13th).  Get a discount on all Valentine’s things the day after. Miss the crowd & take advantage of the early bird special for dinner by going before 6pm!

What ideas can you add to this list? 
Do share your frugal Valentine’s Day ideas.



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azmilsyahmi February 14, 2012 at

One year when money was scarce for me. I bought one of those battery operated lamps, packed some fnger food and a mat. We went to the beach for a night picnic. Its really romantic serenaded by the waves