Frugal Fatigue? Savings Burn Out? Now What?

10:45 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Frugal Fatigue

Frugal Fatigue

Find a balance before you give up.  The only way to loose is to quit, but under the stress of saving in every area of your life  may lead coming down with the dreaded frugal fatigue.  Catch it before it gets bad and you give up!

Frugal fatigue will give you a feeling of struggling to save and loosing interest in reducing your spending or becoming tired of your savings journey.

What can you do about frugal fatigue? 

Slowdown, focus and have some fun!!


1) Give yourself A Break ~ by this I mean, don’t compare your money-saving plan or overall spending to anyone else or measure how much you are (or are not) reducing your budget. Tightening the belt is a very personalized decision and what is right for a friend just may not be the best for your family.

2) Determine The Purpose ~ Since this is a journey and not a sprint to the finish line, be comfortable in why you are reducing your spending. Be specific — Need to reduce your spending by $300?  Saving for a summer vacation?  Need overall 15% outgo budget savings?  Braces for the kids coming?  Making sure your utilities are paid?  Whatever the purpose, attempt to have a dollar amount determined.

3) What is the best return on your time? Realize you CAN save in every area, but does it MAKE SENSE to save in every area of your lifestyle?

  • Maybe you just need to concentrate in one area or two and give up on trying to save everywhere.
  • Could riding your bike to work and saving $200 on gas and give up your gym membership be enough savings?
  • Instead of saving at the grocery store, maybe find your savings on clothing & shoes instead.  See my consignment sale savings?
  • Save on entertainment only by going during lunch hours buying lunch specials.  Or as I pointed out on Frugal Fatigue Pt 1. utilize coupons and deals with and GroupOn.

Make saving a fun challenge, but it’s okay if  it doesn’t become a new job that you don’t have time for!


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brittnie April 19, 2012 at

thanks Jen i really needed this post it definitely makes me step back and reconsider which area of saving is most important to me.


Jennifer Freeman April 19, 2012 at

You are Welcome Brittnie. I am hoping through writing this article about frugal fatigue it will help give some direction because I really don’t want to see anyone completely quit saving money because it is too time consuming. I am glad the article has helped you. Thanks for sharing. Jen


Leah Frank April 19, 2012 at

Thank you Jen for this article because I am getting some frugal fatigue. I love couponing but there are times I get very overwhelmed. This week has been one of those weeks. I am trying to really plan out my shopping trips with coupons and register rewards so that I can save the most money. Did not do so well today. I tend to give myself headache when I try to figure these things out in the store. I am looking forward to the second part of this article. I really need to save in all areas of spending because we have had very high medical bills that we have had to pay off. Unfortunately, I have not control over this and need to save as much as possible everyplace else in my life.



Jennifer Freeman April 19, 2012 at

So glad my article about frugal fatigue is good timing for you Leah. Let me encourage you to keep going and I hope my suggestions will help you.