I am confused about using a BOGO~Readers Question Answered

3:45 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

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Karina on Facebook asked: Please I need clarification on this. If I buy 2 head and shoulders shampoos and give the cashier 2 coupons that are buy one get one free does that make them both free? I saw a video where a women said she did that please advise.

Jen answers:  If there is a store special for Buy One Get One Free (bogo) and you use a manufacturer coupon for a BOGO, then both would be free. So, the only way you can get both free is to combined with a store special for BOGO. Not all stores will allow you to double up a BOGO sale. Check each stores policy or take it to the cash register and see.   I would have no problem taking a BOGO coupon to the counter to use it with a BOGO  store special~If they say it is against store policy, then buy just the ones you want or none at all. It is perfectly okay not to purchase something you take up to the counter if your coupons don’t work the way you anticipated.  Some people will still buy it and return it later. I simply say..”I’m sorry, I don’t want  it if I can’t use my coupons the way I had intended”.   Great question Karina, and a really good one for Extreme Couponing 101 for Coupon Newbies®!

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kiki August 1, 2011 at

im confused if you have a bogo coupon can you use another manufacters coupon on the item thats not free?