Starbucks Rewards Bonus Changes

8:16 am

by Jennifer Freeman

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Starbucks Rewards Bonus Updates

Starbucks rewards is by far my favorite rewards programs.  And traveling to the couponing events, it has become my afternoon fix!  But there are some changes starting on Oct 16, and I think I like them.

So, if you are a Starbucks Rewards Member (if not, find out what it’s all about).  Get your card registered and join the savings.

Say Hello To:

  • Free Drink or Food – Use your “free drink” on food too! Any food item!
  • Lucky dozen – Earn your free drink (or food) every 12 stars instead of 15.
  • Get an email alert for your free reward instead of a postcard —BUT you need to tell the barista you want to use your free reward to get it applied.

Say Goodbye To: 

  • Soy & Syrups, no longer on the house
  • Tall drink with pound of coffee purchase

And Still Around:

  • Free Birthday Drink -get the biggest and most expensive one, right?
  • Free item reward still expire in 30 days, so be sure to use it1

Be sure to register your current email address to get your free Starbucks Rewards notifications for your free item!

Hot Tip:
How I maximize my Starbucks Free Reward– I get the tall iced coffees most days, then when I get my reward freebie I totally splurge…the biggest most fattening drink and I enjoy every last drop!

Do you participate in the Starbucks Rewards Program?

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