Top 7 Ways To Save On Produce – #4 Freeze It!

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by Jennifer Freeman

Top 7 Ways To Save On Produce – #4

Save the scraps for an amazing homemade vegetable broth.  Here is a super simple way to stretch your produce budget and prepare for a future DIY Vegetable broth with more flavor and deliciousness than you can imagine!

Ways to Save On ProduceTip #4

My tip to help you save on produce is freeze the vegi parts!

  • Put that freezer bag in the freezer.  Leave in the freezer to add all the vegetable parts to it, so later you can make an incredible homemade vegetable broth/stock.
  • Wash all your vegetables and citrus fruit because you only want to freeze cleaned vegetables.

As you peel, slice or dice your vegetables any of those parts, peels, leafs, stalks or skins you aren’t going to use in your meal but are still in good shape and flavorful add them to the bag in your freezer.

If you find wilty vegetables that are past the crispness or prime you would like for serving fresh, pop those in the freezer bag because they house an abundance of flavor.

See another recipe for vegetable broth.

Vegetables to keep to make homemade vegetable broth:

These are the vegetables I regularly add to my freezer bag for future DIY Vegetable broth.

  • Citrus peels: lime, orange or lemon peel (only 1 per bag is enough)
  • onion skins and onions of all types
  • shreds of carrots
  • celery leafs
  • tomato parts (don’t included if you want a super clear broth)
  • green, red, yellow or orange pepper tops or bottoms
  • kale
  • garlic
  • leeks
  • fennel
  • herb parts (like the stems of parsley)
  • and many more.

Vegetables to Avoid:  cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, rutabagas, artichokes, lettuce, potatoes, or beets, (unless you want purple stock).  These vegetables are not good to use in a stock, they are too pungent or will make the broth too cloudy.

And by all means — avoid bruises, any parts moldy or icky looking!

Start TODAY saving your vegetable scraps and pieces and soon it will help your produce savings!


I will NOT leave you hanging!
In just a few days I will share my super, no-fail method
making homemade DIY Vegetable Broth!
It is foolproof (even Mr. Cameraman can do it!)
Stay Tuned!!


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