What is SavingStar? How do I get cash back when I shop?

3:50 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Huggies Savingstar

What is SavingStar? How do I get cash back when I shop?

SavingStar is a cash back program to use at all kinds of stores.  Get hard cold cash back when you shop AND the best part you can add  manufacturer coupons first to double savings!!  There are TONS of SavingStar cash back offers that come up all month long.  Get your SavingStar started.

SavingStar is another great way to add extra savings to your shopping trips! At times it is a double or triple savings, when stacked with sales and coupons! Check out how best to use SavingStar deals.


What is  Savings Star?

It is different than a typical coupon, when you use a SavingStar coupon the amount of the coupon gets deposited into your SavingStar account.  When it hits $5 or more you can request your money!  Free Money!!

The best part – the Saving Star coupon can be used in conjunction with all the sales and other coupons too!  Go and start your bonus savings!
1.  Go To Saving Star.
2.  Select the eCoupons you like
3.  Add your store loyalty card
4.  When you buy the products you selected, the ecoupon amount will be deposited into your SavingStar account.

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