What NOT To Buy on Black Friday – Top 8 Things to Avoid Buying on Black Friday!

7:19 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

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What Not to Buy on Black Friday

Is every deal great on Black Friday?  Is there anything to avoid buying on Black Friday?  Sales have already begun but Black Friday hasn’t officially begun quite yet.   Don’t be caught up in the frenzy and find yourself buying things that are NOT good deals.  Just because it’s advertised does not mean it’s a hot deal.

Items commonly on sale during Black Friday but are rarely a great deal!!

1) Toys –YES, really!!  If at all possible, purchase toys in November (before Black Friday) or in July when the retailers clean the shelves getting ready for new inventory.  Retailers practically give away toys in early November.  But I know you will be buying some in December anyway, so check for Toy Coupons to save some money!

2) Home Improvement items – Buy in the Spring when prices are the best or hold out until Father’s Day deals come knocking.

3) Gas Grills – need I say more than ~summertime? Or better yet ~July=sales?

4) Fitness Equipment – wait until January and there will be the dieters after the Holiday deals.

5) Small Tools – Hold off until Father’s Day. It will brings it rock bottom prices annually.

6) Automotive Supplies – like the small tools, Father’s Day is the best time to find these deals.

7) Christmas Decorations – buy after Christmas at 75-90% off sales for next year. The 3rd week of January is the secret week of the year for the 90% off sales.

8) Winter Coats – Wait until January, unless you have a retail coupon getting you 50% off or more.


As hard as it can be hold off when you see a “sale” sign in the store, armed with this list if you can wait and buy when the items are really at a great price you will win at saving.  Check out the monthly Seasonal Sales — What’s Best To Buy When  series.  It will give you a look into each month’s best pricing of the year.


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