Extreme Couponing Video – Get Extreme Savings!!

2:45 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

How To Extreme Coupon Video

My shopping video details some about where I found the free item coupons and what savings and sales I stacked to get this particular shopping trip. There are overages, sales, free item coupons and more. Extreme Couponing is ONLY EXTREME SAVINGS!! That’s all. It can be a $20 shopping trip down to $1 and that is Extreme Couponing!

My shopping trip is at the commissary. And this video was lost in the Tip Resourc Videos on Youtube archives, so it’s an oldie but goodie!!

There are some very helpful links in my military commissary pages.


The Extreme Couponing Shopping trip details:

$170.80 before coupons

111 items purchased
80 coupons used
$131 saved

Final total:  $39.80 (and that includes the 5% commissary surcharge)

Tell me about your couponing savings!!

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P W June 17, 2012 at

I too shop at a commissary and would love all the tips I can get to save on groceries! Being new to couponing I am still learning the ropes. Keep the tips coming! Thanks so much!


Jennifer Freeman June 17, 2012 at

Welcome! Glad you like the tips. There are some shopping tips, sales links and special commissary coupons under the several tabs labeled “military”

I’ll bring you deals at the commissary when I find them.