Zaycon Foods – save BIG!!

12:14 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Boy do I have something amazing to share with you!!  Recently I discovered a way to save BIG on meats, produce and more!   One of the top questions I receive is — how do I save on produce and meat?   Zaycon is an answer.    Right now products available are ground beef, honey, chicken breast, tilapia and bacon.

How?  It is simple, register (it’s free) when they are coming to your area, you will be notified of what products are being offered.  Place your order and pick-up your items on the day & time specified.

What you get?  Top quality, freshest possible products & BIG discounts by cutting out the middle man and buying a bit extra.   Split an order with a friend or get an order for yourself  and have a bit of extra!  I split my last order with a friend and it worked out beautifully.  Right now products available are ground beef, honey, chicken breast, tilapia.

In short, Zaycon Foods is

— high quality meats and fruits (& more)
— fresh from the best farms in America
— delivered direct by refrigerated truck
— sold in quantity only by the case
— at exceptional wholesale prices
— with secure online ordering
— and convenient local pickup

Zaycon Foods is based in the Northwest and  they offers discount on fresh meat, fruits & vegetables by selling it in bulk.  Zaycon Foods is in 44 states.  Simple sign up for free, and & select your area, so that you will  be notified by email when they have new shipments coming to your area.  Then place an order for the items you want!

BUT — A word of WARNING… is popular and you’ll be hooked, get  your free account now and be ready to place your order when you are notified about products coming to your area.  And reap the big savings!

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Katherine berg July 11, 2016 at

Heard about you from a friend am interested in your chicken


denise Doyen September 30, 2016 at

Interested to see if you provide your service on Long Island, NY


Tamara Williams October 29, 2017 at

Looking for locations