The simpliest way to fill a ziplock bag is to place it inside a glass measuring cup and fold the bag over the edges. Fill it up and zip it with no mess.  This works beautifully when filling bags with liquids.


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by Jennifer Freeman

Jen Freeman

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lunch box lunchbag
One of the best ways to save money is by making snacks or lunch to bring along with you on outings or work.  Do it in style with a great deal ~ super cute lunch bag only $3.99 (+$2 shipping) from Amazon. It has plenty of room and side pockets. Love it!!

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Think KIDS and Back-to-School, it’s not too early while the prices are cheap!


Save with Free Diaper Reward Programs –

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by Jennifer Freeman

Pampers Reward Program

Save money and the Join Pampers Rewards program. You will receive 100 free Pamper points just by joining.  Save money with exclusive coupons.  Start collecting the codes inside the pampers packages, enter the codes into your Pampers Gift To Grow account, and earn savings with the rewards.   Extreme Savings ~ Stack sales AND coupons AND reward programs-it is getting savings in as many ways as possible.

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Zaycon Meat

Zaycon natural meats is the most amazing place to get meat deals and is one of my saving secrets!  They have 100% natural meats grown in the US.  — Never frozen,  processed without chemicals, additives or water!!   I exclusively purchased from Zaycon, over the last 4 yrs. Recently, there was a cool segment on Good Morning America sharing about the quality and savings of Zaycon.

If you want to order, go here to Zaycon Foods.   This is my referral link, thank you for using it. If you see an error when you click on it, just hit continue and it will take you to their site.  I’m not sure why an error is happening to some.

Chicken, fresh boneless skinless — $1.69/# (Walmart, $2.56/# frozen chicken)
Fresh Super Lean Ground Beef — $3.99/# (Walmart is $4.48/# this week)

This is a bulk purchase of meat and if it seems like too much for you, split it with a friend. I usually just package it for my family in 1# packages and use it up!

I order from Zaycon every time a deal comes along.  Check out how easy it is with my Zaycon pick-up video with Mr. Cameraman went.


Free Allegra Allergy Sample

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by Jennifer Freeman

Sign up and get a free sample of Allegra Allergy Relief. Usually a nice coupon will come with the free samples.

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