Oh Samples, Where Are You? ~Sample Series: Part 2 of 4

8:55 am

by Jennifer Freeman


I shared with you the value of samples in Part 1 HERE. Now, where are all the samples found and how do you go about receiving them?

Everyday companies are looking to promote upcoming product or to highlight current products in hopes of gaining new customers. They believe if they can get people to try it, they will like it and continue to purchase the product. Samples provide the companies market research information.   A 30-second commercial on TV can cost $400,000+  vs. sending a sample to 100,000 consumers for under $1/each.  The consumer is actually trying a product instead of the advertiser hoping you buy it and try it! Samples are cost effective advertising.

Where are they? Come to tipresource.com and I will keep you up-to-date with many samples. Other places to watch are corporate websites or individual product websites. If you favor a particular brand, visit their Facebook page. Many free samples, including full size products, are offered when you “like” them. Some are offered at a specific date & time and quantities are gobbled up quickly. Specifics are usually posted on their Facebook Wall or product website. Sample offers are found in magazine ads and inserts. Some offers are even mailed to your home.   Printable freebies from some manufactures are redeemable by presenting the printed offer to the local store. I’ve see this with beauty products i.e. Aveda. Writers and publishers looking to gain your interest offer free ebooks & Kindle books.  Look for  hangtags on grocery items or mail-in offers on tearpads found near products of the same brand. Mommy samples offers Formula & diaper come in new-baby hospital gift bags. Sometimes, the offer is on a products packaging or a flier inserted into a product.

Join community panels, such as Kraft First Taste  and  Vocal Point.  Members are offered free samples or full size products with the hopes of you sharing your comments with them & your friends. Some surveys reward you by sending you a sample upon completion of a survey.

So, to answer the burning question “Oh samples, where are you?” …..it is just a matter of keeping your eyes open.


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