Sign-up for samples~3 Make-it-Easy Tips & Resources Part 3 of 4: Sample Series

8:50 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Pt. 3  Sign-up for samples, 3 make-it-easy tips & resources.

I covered “Why sign-up for samples?” in Part one: “Where are the samples?” in Part two.  Now, in Part Three:  make-it-easy with time saving Tips & Resources. I spend less than 5 minutes a week signing up for free offers.

Tip 1. Get A Just-For-Samples Email Account
~Avoid using a personal email account. Instead, use free online providers. (gmail, yahoo)
~Choose a short easy to type name. Keep it simple. You will enter this email address often. 
~No overlooking email confirmations for the sample.
~Helps you stay organized.

When I have a moment, I pop on my samples email and quickly clean up any junk mail, confirm any necessary sample confirmations, and glance through the newsletters I requested. If the emails start piling up, simply delete the email account and start a new one.

Tip: If you are a new mommy, get a different email account for “all things mommy related” keeping your resources in one organized place.

Tip 2. Get a just-for-samples facebook account.
~keeps your personal information, pictures etc. private
~keeps your personal facebook page cleaner.
~less likely to miss offers
~great place to add all your new couponing friends

Tip 3. Get an auto-form filler.  Personally, I use Roboforms Pro.~there is a free version on this link also!   With 1-click fills and submits your name/address etc for you. It takes me seconds to click and auto-fill the form. I verify any codes and submit. On my auto-filler I have a family members name so when I see something she will like with 1-click I send it to her, too.
~google chrome auto fills
~last pass
~google toolbar auto fills
~auto fill function on firefox
~Roboforms (Pro or Download Free Version)

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