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Easily Remove Pet Hair From Anything ~ Tip

10:05 am

by Jennifer Freeman


 Easily Remove Pet Hair~

To easily remove pet hair,  simply dampen rubber gloves with water and rub over the surface containing the pet hair. The pet hair tends to ball up and can easily be removed.


Easy Steps to Sort and Store Kids Artwork

2:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman


kids artwork wall

 How To Store Kids Artwork

Back to school time brings home beautifully crafted artwork from the kids.  It’s priceless, but what to do with it?

Here are my tips on how to save childhood artwork and what I do in our household.

  • Hang the artwork in a special place when it first comes home.  I have a small wall next to the refrigerator that I tack the latest masterpiece onto.
  • After artwork is displayed for a week or so then spray drawings and artwork with hairspray to keep colors from fading and smudging, the sort and store it.


kids artwork - 3 yrs

Kids love to have their creations displayed.  I have the twins playroom upper wall lined with the artwork they did in their first artwork classes at the age of 3.   I love to see it and they feel very special seeing it is still displayed.  They are SO proud to have their creations displayed in a prominent way and I enjoy them too.



Sort and store artwork in these ways. 

  • Share and send it to Grandma or Grandpa with a note from the kids.
  • Take a few of them to the kids playroom (or use their bedroom) and make a “border of artwork” around the top of their wall.   kids drawings

Use a simple method of string and colorful clothespins.  Get the kids involved: buy clothespins at the dollar store, let the kids paint them and use those pins to clip the artwork onto the string.


  • Some of the big milestone pieces or extra special ones I keep.  Date the back of the piece.   I have a special  portfolio to keep these special ones in tact.

The portfolio is only $10 (see Art Portfolio)



Learn When to Ditch or Fix an Appliance

8:10 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

When to ditch or fix an appliance.


Broken Appliances
Appliances can be frustrating when they do not work properly. Here are a few tips & guidelines to help you know when to ditch or fix your appliances:


  • Keep it~ if it leaks or if the glass pitcher cracks.  If it leaks and you sure the bottom is screwed on tightly?  Check the gasket (the rubber piece at the base of the pitcher) if it’s damaged, order it for $1-$4.   If the pitcher  is cracked call the manufacturer and order a replacement pitcher or check on Amazon.
  • Junk it~ if it smells like it’s burning when you turn it on.  It’s likely a fuse has overheated and shorted out, which can cost $15-$20 to repair, it’s smarter to just get a new one.


  • Keep it~ if the lever jams. Food is probably stuck inside. Unplug the toaster and turn it upside down to shake food out.
  • Junk it~ if it won’t heat up.  It could be the cord or the heating element has stopped working and either problem would be costly to repair; get a new one.


  • Keep it~ if it isn’t picking up dirt or if you smell burnt rubber or hear a groaning sound, change the bag or replace the filter.  Check the hose and see if it is clogged.  If it isn’t picking up dirt, you can use an air compressor to blow the vacuum out and clean the inside of the vacuum.   Unplug the vacuum and check for something wound around the roller bar; this causes the smell/sound. If the belt is damaged  you may need to order a new one, try or check the owner’s manual about calling the manufacturer for replacements.
  • Junk it~ if it doesn’t turn on. The motor might be broken, and if it’s no longer under warranty, a repair may be very expensive.  You can get an estimate but rarely is an estimate free. I suggest buying a new one.


  • Keep it~ if the carafe breaks.  Call the manufacturer to find out how to order a replacement carafe, or try Small Appliances
  • Junk it~ if it starts to brew slowly or it won’t turn on or heat up.  If it’s brewing slowly the heater has likely become coated with minerals
    from water, which can be expensive to repair; buy a new one.  In the future, once you get a new machine, clean it with a brewing of 50% vinegar/water every few months. This vinegar/water mix will help prevent the build-up of minerals and help your coffeemaker last longer next time.    If it won’t turn on or heat up then the on/off switch could be broken.  You’d need a repair person to mend it, which can get expensive; buy a new one.

I have ordered small parts from the manufacturer many times, so I could continue to use my appliances, from new blades for food processors, new drain plugs or wheels for a large portable fan. Often the manufacturer has sent the part for free or for minimum shipping cost.  Once my 3 year old floor sweeper was no longer holding a charge and just by calling and talking to the manufacturer, I was looking for a new battery pack, instead they replaced for free!  It was worth $100!!

Amazon has been a go-to place for me for some parts also.

Do you have anything to add to this article or suggestions?  Please share your tips on when to ditch or fix an appliance.


Organized Clothes Closet

Here is the simplest, most efficient way to organize your closet at the beginning of each season taking only seconds and will over-haul your closet without effort, top to bottom.  Too good to be true?  I say Not So!! Do you find from one season to the next that maybe 1/2 your clothes are worn?  Can you even remember what Spring/Summer clothes you wore last year and what things are just taking up room?  Here is your solution to an organized closet.

As the season changes. I bet you are in the process of getting out clothes for the new season.  As you are transitioning the clothes are you going to donate any clothes you didn’t wear?  If you’re like me, probably not because I don’t know what I actually wore year.  How many times do you browse through your clothes wanting to streamline or donate and say to  yourself, “I know I will wear that someday.” Even though you know you haven’t worn it in a year!! That’s ME!! I hang onto clothes thinking I will wear it someday!!

I love hearing about different ways to organize and when I saw this tip, I ran to my closet IMMEDIATELY and implemented this organized clothes closet tip!

Here’s how to get an organized clothes closet in seconds and a sure way to SHOW you what clothes you’ve worn and which clothes you have not and it leads to a perfectly organized closet every season:

  • Go to your closet and turn all your hangers around backwards. (see image below)
  • As you wash and wear them, rehang them the normal way.
  • At the end of the season all the clothes still hanging ‘backwards’, donate!

This is a tangible way to see what you’ve worn and what you have not. By doing this you will have an organized clothes closet and visually see what was worn and not worn.

Do this for 100% of your clothes, not just seasonal items and at the end of the year, donate what wasn’t worn.  I typically use a time-frame of 9 months to a year because it is hot here most of the time. Try it!

This is the prefect way to have an organized kids closet too, and know what needs to be donated or consigned!


Beginning of the Season

End of the Season

Do you have any great tips to have an organized clothes closet? Do share!!

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sharpie remover Remover Sharpie Without Damage

I love Sharpies, every color and every size! From experience, I learned how to remove Sharpie marks without damage from just about anything!!  If you have little ones in the house I would suspect they l-o-v-e Sharpies too!  No matter how high or well hidden these exciting & tantalizing markers they will find them. and all your favorite things will be decorated with masterpieces.

Last weekend while at my friends house she found her kids coloring a beautiful picture using Sharpies on her newly refinished furniture.  It was white and the Sharpie was black.   I told her my tried and true method for removing marker without damaging the finish is to use GOO GONE or GOOF OFF.  They are only a few bucks, come in small bottles and can be purchased everywhere (Walmart, Target, Home Depot, grocery stores,  She used some and it worked perfect!!  No damage, all marks are gone and you would never know one ever existed.

I use GOO GONE or GOOF OFF to get Sharpie off the kids water bottles that I label, off walls, even on fabrics without damage! I just got a chocolate stain off Lindsey’s dress this morning.

Other ways to remove Sharpie marks:  nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes or plain rubbing alcohol, magic white erasers.  However, I have found all these ways are not as effective as  GOO GONE or GOOF OFF and these other methods CAN cause damage while leaving residual Sharpie marks.


Recycling Tips – Tissue Box Recycling

2:25 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Tip Resource
Empty tissue boxes can provide easy and handy storage for plastic grocery bags. My favorite ones are the stand up taller boxed because the stack in the cabinets nicely and fit into my kitchen drawers perfectly.