DIY Gift Boxes ~ Video! It’s SO easy!!

12:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

DIY Gift Boxes Video

Make beautiful handmade gift boxes for your Christmas presents and other gifts!  These are homemade Christmas gift boxes super simple and gorgeous and give a present an extra special touch.  It is an origami gift box without the hard work.   I am not a crafty person so if I can make them, I promise ~ you CAN TOO!

After your Do It Yourself Gift Boxes, try making  your own handmade gift bows and create beautifully wrapped packages!  I love the bows because they use magazines and newspaper. So fun.  My kids even make them.   You will get a peek at my sweet daughter, Lindsey, peering up to see if she was spotted on camera!

How To Make Gift Bows from Magazines Video – Click to View



How to use a coupon database to increase your savings

My goal in talking to you about couponing and sharing my experiences is to help you save your family money.  I have learned through trials and errors the easy way to save the most money with the littlest effort & time.   I am positive you can get the deepest savings at any store after watching the video I made showing you how to effectively use a free coupon database.

Shop at your favorite store, if you have a matching grocery list or not!!

WATCH MY VIDEO and Learn how to easily & quickly match-up savings at any store (Whole Foods, local markets, Sprout’s, Kroger, Kmart, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, anywhere!).  A match-up list is a great help but you can find yourself limited unless you learn how to do it on your own the same way I have for 2 decades!


If I was to do another TLC  Extreme Couponing show, this is the kind of shopping trip I would love to do! This is Extreme Couponing — save a ton of money using coupons and the current sales and deals to shop free!    This video taken during the General Mills buy 5 save $5 catalina deal shows how I went shopping and rolled one savings catalina deal into another (also know as “rolling’) to keep savings moving forward. This video was taken during my grocery shopping trip at my local Smith’s store in Vegas.  When you see these deals try “rolling” them and get the giant savings.  If you don’t need some of these items that are included, maybe you can pick some up and donate them or share with a family in your area that you know needs some help.

Learn about the coupon lingo and couponing 101.


Easy Homemade Applesauce – crockpot recipe

When the twins were young we really went through the applesauce. I quickly figured out how to save some money on applesauce and learned through experimenting my families favorite way for me to make homemade applesauce. Now, I use the applesauce on our oatmeal, topped on yogurt with chopped nuts and I even add it to our fruit smoothies for extra flavor! And of course, just plain with a bit more cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Using the crockpot seems to be the easiest way for me to make it because I can walk away and it cooks up perfectly every time. Right now Honey Crisp apples are on sale and I ordered a case from Bountiful Baskets.

If you just don’t want to make homemade applesauce, grab an applesauce coupon from the Free Coupon Database to get a better deal at the store.

applesauce recipe


Also, check out my Red Hot Cinnamon Applesauce Recipe too!


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Coupon Organizing Tips ~ Video by Jen Freeman

12:12 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

My secret Extreme Couponing 101 & Extreme Savings Tip is quite simple…multiple Sunday newspapers.  It is the least expensive & most efficiant way to ensure you get enough coupons for your families needs to take advantage of upcoming sales.   Relying on a friend to share their inserts is not reliable.  My Vegas doorstep is filled with 5 Sunday papers each week.

Upcoming Coupons Teaching SeminarHow To Coupon Like A Pro Extreme Couponer! Come on out and see me, I’d love to say hello and teach your the tips and tricks of how I save my family literally $1,000’s each year!

Coming to Denver, California and Las Vegas.   Register for the Coupon Seminars


How to Get Free Groceries Video

8:31 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Free Grocery Shopping

Some weeks all things line up perfectly and an opportunity for free grocery shopping easily happens.    The sale, the need, the coupon all lined up perfectly and I was able to “buy” Ken’s Salad Dressing for zero out of pocket.   When this deal was current I had listed it on my weekly grocery sales match-ups, but the coupon/deal is no longer available it ended last week.  I want to encourage you to take advantage of these deals the moment they happen!

Smiths/Kroger deal:
Ken’s Salad Dressing 8-9oz – $1
Used the $1/1 Ken’s Dressing Coupon (6/30 expired)
Final Price: Free

It is no secret!  If a chance to grocery shop for free happens it only makes sense to get a few extra items and stock-up. The #1 way to do this is have access to the coupons, and the most reliable way to get those coupons is have them delivered to your doorstep on Sunday morning. As a home delivery customer you will be first to get all the inserts available, get the newspaper any other way and you may not get all the inserts.

There are huge discount newspaper deals, See the Newspaper Discounts for your deal!

Happy Free Grocery Shopping!

Did you do any FREE Grocery Shopping this week?

We all love to read about a deal!!

Do share your great savings in the comments below.