Where To Find Baby Coupons – Couponing 101

11:11 am

by Jennifer Freeman

baby coupons

Where to find free baby coupons 


Baby coupons are in high demand because, let’s face it, those cute yummy little bundles are just expensive to provide for.   Always sign up for Baby Club Savings — Huggies moms clubs.

When I have been asked where to find free baby coupons I share my favorite place and it’s the pediatricians office (and maternity ward too).

When the twins were young I would get many free baby coupons from them.  The pads of  free baby coupons are left at their offices by sales reps.    The baby coupons generally have very long expiration dates (usually a year)  and are high value coupons, too.   In the past I have been given $5 off formula coupons, Tylenol coupons, Desitin coupons, diaper coupons and so many more.   Also they have shared rebates on over the counter medicines.

So the next time you are at the pediatricians office, ask if they have any coupons they can share with you.   Don’t be shy in asking.  Ask the nurse, Dr. and staff because each one has a different access.   I find they have been very happy to empty those pads out of their desk drawers!


Where to find free baby coupons

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