Organize Your Clothes in Minutes Doing This ONE Thing! Fastest Over-haul Ever

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by Shannon

Organized Clothes Closet

Here is the simplest, most efficient way to organize your closet at the beginning of each season taking only seconds and will over-haul your closet without effort, top to bottom.  Too good to be true?  I say Not So!! Do you find from one season to the next that maybe 1/2 your clothes are worn?  Can you even remember what Spring/Summer clothes you wore last year and what things are just taking up room?  Here is your solution to an organized closet.

As the season changes. I bet you are in the process of getting out clothes for the new season.  As you are transitioning the clothes are you going to donate any clothes you didn’t wear?  If you’re like me, probably not because I don’t know what I actually wore year.  How many times do you browse through your clothes wanting to streamline or donate and say to  yourself, “I know I will wear that someday.” Even though you know you haven’t worn it in a year!! That’s ME!! I hang onto clothes thinking I will wear it someday!!

I love hearing about different ways to organize and when I saw this tip, I ran to my closet IMMEDIATELY and implemented this organized clothes closet tip!

Here’s how to get an organized clothes closet in seconds and a sure way to SHOW you what clothes you’ve worn and which clothes you have not and it leads to a perfectly organized closet every season:

  • Go to your closet and turn all your hangers around backwards. (see image below)
  • As you wash and wear them, rehang them the normal way.
  • At the end of the season all the clothes still hanging ‘backwards’, donate!

This is a tangible way to see what you’ve worn and what you have not. By doing this you will have an organized clothes closet and visually see what was worn and not worn.

Do this for 100% of your clothes, not just seasonal items and at the end of the year, donate what wasn’t worn.  I typically use a time-frame of 9 months to a year because it is hot here most of the time. Try it!

This is the prefect way to have an organized kids closet too, and know what needs to be donated or consigned!


Beginning of the Season

End of the Season

Do you have any great tips to have an organized clothes closet? Do share!!

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