The 3 Most Common Apples & Uses

9:00 am

by Jennifer Freeman


Apple Variety Guide

Ever wonder with all the different apple varieties what are the best uses for each variety?   These are my best apple tips and tricks to choosing the best apple varieties.  These are the 3 most common apples and their best uses.

  • Red Delicious: Snack on these sweet crisp apples, slice them into salads.  Best for eating raw because they don’t hold up well to baking!
  • Golden Delicious: This sweet variety works well when baked and makes a great sauce & apple butter. Sweet and Juicy
  • Granny Smith: Tart and Crisp.  Perfect for apple pies or tarts.  Snack on them with cheese or salt.

The best way to store apples is in the refrigerator.  Just pull out a few apples at a time to leave out for eating.

What is your favorite apple variety?
Mine favorite is Honey Crisp apples–yum!!

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Brandi May 5, 2012 at

I like the honey crisps and the pink lady’s. But I find that none of the apples seem to be cheap this year!