Extreme Couponing Newbie~Where To Start

9:26 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Extreme Couponing Newbie~Where To Start

The only way to have success is to begin! But where?Start with multiple Sunday newspapers.  It’s money laying on your doorstep every week.  This is the most consistent way to get ALL the coupons offered in your community and ensure a greater success at couponing.  Trust me, when a great deal comes up you will be very happy you ordered additional copies of the newspaper and can take full advantage of the sale.  I tried getting my inserts/coupons from other sources and it was never consistent.  I missed out on many deals.  Learn from my mistakes.

Get the Sunday newspaper delivered to your home, and order 1 newspaper for each family member. Additional newspapers are delivered at discount prices. ~(and I save on everything!)  Home delivery is always cheaper than newsstand prices. When a deal comes up you will be prepared to get one item for each family member. Purchasing multiple items when the Extreme Savings is available = Extreme Couponing!

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DJ June 21, 2011 at

I talked to my local convenient store and made arrangements to go up there at midnight on Sunday and I can have all the left over Sunday papers! I only have to leave the front page so the store still receives credit for those papers!!

Soooo…I pay NOTHING for my multiple Sunday papers!!