Save 50% Without Using Coupons Video

11:50 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Save 50% Without Using Coupons Video

Save At The Grocery Store Without Using A Coupon – It’s possible!

Saving money or Extreme Couponing is all about getting extreme savings. How about getting some amazing deals and saving 50% without even using a coupon? Saving on groceries, household items, personal care and more can happen even if you didn’t grab your coupons on the way out the door.

In this video I share ways you may not have thought of to get savings at the grocery store without using a coupon. These are some of my secret tips and tricks to saving even more at the grocery store.

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Leslie October 12, 2012 at

Yup… I totally do this… I don’t check every section every time, but I do check the main section each time. I go a few times and find nothing, then time like last night… SCORE! I saved 52% as some electronic coupons hit also… I got tea, tampons, midol, rice and even 2 gallons of milk 🙂 Love it!