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Pumpkin Activity Pages For Halloween

9:08 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Pumpkin Activity Pages

Get the Pumpkin Halloween Activity pages.  The twins have forever loved these pages and when they were younger – starting around two, I would pull out fun activity pages to do with them.  Once they hit all day school age, they were cool with homework because they have been doing it their whole life!   That was my strategy and it worked.

Pumpkin Activity Pages
Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
P is for Pumpkin
Pumpkin Parts
Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
Pumpkin Seeds Counting Mat (You’ll need our counting cards.)
Spelling Page
Spin & Graph
Count & Clip
Color by Letter
Which is Different?
Flip & Color (You’ll need our counting cards.)
Writing Maze
Pumpkin Measure
Number Maze
Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
Size Sort

See my video with the kids doing Spaghetti Spelling:


Educational Freebie Learning Games for Kids

11:30 am

by Jennifer Freeman

kids games Freebie: Learning Games for Kids

Here’s a website with loads of games dedicated to helping your children learn.  There are learning games for kids from Pre-K to 8th grade.  This is a great resource to help supplement a project or subject they are studying in school.

Educational Freebie Learning Games for Kids

This can give some great reinforcement in the learning process, especially if it is a subject they are struggling with.  Turn learning into fun and the kids generally buy in!!


free math invaders

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What a great educational freebie!  If your kids 5-15 need some extra attention on math, this is perfect for them!   Math Invaders is $49.95  but they are giving away 10,000 totally free & complete download (full version).

Free Ultimate Math Invaders Download – the site is running slow, so be patient

I am always looking out for fun educational for the twins — keep them entertained while learning has always been my motto!


FREE Educational Download – Alphabet Tales

10:19 am

by Jennifer Freeman

FREE Educational Download – Alphabet Tales

There a free download of the Alphabet Tales book  from Child 1st Publications.   This normally cost $29.95 but you can get it for FREE!    Great book for reading nightly to your child.  The Alphabet Tales has a story about each letter of the alphabet and is for ages 2 and up.

Free Educational Download – Alphabet Tales book
$29.95 – Free!
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Download your free book.



Back To School Sales 7/15/12

7:49 pm

by Jennifer Freeman


back to school sign

Back To School Sales

Best deals of the week for stocking-up with Back-To-School supply sales.  Remember to buy enough to last through the year and try to anticipate the items you may need over the holidays or for other occasions and buy those supplies now.  Plan ahead for the best savings.

Walgreens Back-To-School Deals:

$.50 and under deals:
Caliber 2-Pocket Folders – $0.10
Wexford 2-Pocket Folder with Prongs – $0.17  Limit 12 (use in ad store coupon)
Caliber 1-subject Notebook (70-80 Sheets) – $0.33
Wexford or Penway 8pk No. 2 Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Pencil Case, Index Cards 70 or 100pk or  Index Cards Case – $0.39Wexford or Penway 1 Subject Notebooks – $0.49
Wexford Kid’s Scissors – $0.49

Over $.50 deals:
Wexford or Penway Composition Book 80-sheets – $0.69
Elmer’s Glue or Glue Sticks – $0.79  Limit 3 (use in ad store coupon)
Caliber Pencils 10 ct. or Multi Size Sharpener – $1
Mead Index Cards or Envelopes – $1
Expo Dry Erase markers 2pk- Buy One Get One Free – $1.25 each
Backpacks – Adventure Trails or 2-pack Drawstring $3.99

Office Depot Back-To-School Deals:

$.50 and under deals:
Office Depot 2-Pocket Folders — $0.10
Tug Pencil Sharpeners — $0.10
Office Depot Flex Rulers — $0.50
Foray Roller-ball Pens (assorted colors) — $0.50 each
Crayola Crayons 24-pack — $0.50

Staples Back-To-School Deals:

$.50 and under deals:
Bic Mechanical Pencils – $4.29 — Free after Easy Saver Rebate
Staples Paper – $1 After Easy Saver Rebate

Avery Insertable Dividers – $0.01
Staples Writing Pad – $0.01
Bic Ball Point Pens – $0.25
Staples Pencil Sharpener – $0.50
Staples Pencil Box – $0.50
Westcott Rulers – $0.50
Wet Wipes – $0.50

Over $.50 deals:
Bic Highlighters – $1
Avery Durable Binder – $1
Expo Dry Erase Board Cleaner – $1
Staples Dry Erase – $1
Staples Translucent Box – $1
Steadler Compass – $1
Zebra Z-Grip – $1
Purell instant hand sanitizer – $2
Staples 3″ x 5″ memo books, 75 sheets – top coil – $2

Office Max Back-To-School Deals:

Under $.50 deals:
Purell 0.5 oz. Mini Hand Sanitizer — $0.10
Just Basics Ballpoint Pens 10-count — $0.25
Office Max Poly 3-Fastener Folder — $0.50
Office Max Clear Zipper Binder Pocket — $0.50
Really Useful .14L Storage Boxes — $0.50

Over $.50 deals:
Office Max Poly Notebooks 70-count — $1
Schoolio 1 or 1.5″ Poly 3-Ring Binder — $1
Sharpie Yellow Highlighter 4-pack — $1
Papermate Pink Erasers 3-pack — $1
Office Max Mini Stapler or 1-Hole Punch — $1
Bic Round Stick Grip Pens 12-pack — $2
Post-It 2×2″ Cube — $2

Buy 1 Hammermill Copy Paper (500-sheet ream) at $7.29
Get $6.29 MaxPerks Rewards (Limit 2)
$1 after MaxPerks Rewards

Buy 1 Bose Multi-Use Paper (10-Ream Case) at $43.99
Get $29 in MaxPerks Rewards (Limit 2)
$14.99 after MaxPerks Rewards

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Free Kids Activity Book~

9:45 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Free Kids Activity book

Summertime “I’m bored” complaints have probably started in your home (they have in mine!)  Get this free activity book for designed for kids ages 6 – 8 years. to help pass the time.

Free Kids Activity Book

Contains mazes, games, and comic strips designed to help children between the ages of 6 and 8 learn about parts of the eye and how they work, as well as eye safety and first aid for eye injuries. (12 pages)