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You will love this video that I found tonight!

It is one of the very first shopping trips that Mr. Cameraman filmed. We had so much fun going to the store and doing this trip.  He found his love for filming because of our shopping and couponing.   $370 worth of groceries for under $1 — what fun days!!


Coupon Organizing Tips ~ Video by Jen Freeman

12:12 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

My secret Extreme Couponing 101 & Extreme Savings Tip is quite simple…multiple Sunday newspapers.  It is the least expensive & most efficiant way to ensure you get enough coupons for your families needs to take advantage of upcoming sales.   Relying on a friend to share their inserts is not reliable.  My Vegas doorstep is filled with 5 Sunday papers each week.

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Frugal Fatigue? Savings Burn Out? Now What?

10:45 am

by Jennifer Freeman

Frugal Fatigue

Frugal Fatigue

Find a balance before you give up.  The only way to loose is to quit, but under the stress of saving in every area of your life  may lead coming down with the dreaded frugal fatigue.  Catch it before it gets bad and you give up!

Frugal fatigue will give you a feeling of struggling to save and loosing interest in reducing your spending or becoming tired of your savings journey.

What can you do about frugal fatigue? 

Slowdown, focus and have some fun!!


1) Give yourself A Break ~ by this I mean, don’t compare your money-saving plan or overall spending to anyone else or measure how much you are (or are not) reducing your budget. Tightening the belt is a very personalized decision and what is right for a friend just may not be the best for your family.

2) Determine The Purpose ~ Since this is a journey and not a sprint to the finish line, be comfortable in why you are reducing your spending. Be specific — Need to reduce your spending by $300?  Saving for a summer vacation?  Need overall 15% outgo budget savings?  Braces for the kids coming?  Making sure your utilities are paid?  Whatever the purpose, attempt to have a dollar amount determined.

3) What is the best return on your time? Realize you CAN save in every area, but does it MAKE SENSE to save in every area of your lifestyle?

  • Maybe you just need to concentrate in one area or two and give up on trying to save everywhere.
  • Could riding your bike to work and saving $200 on gas and give up your gym membership be enough savings?
  • Instead of saving at the grocery store, maybe find your savings on clothing & shoes instead.  See my consignment sale savings?
  • Save on entertainment only by going during lunch hours buying lunch specials.  Or as I pointed out on Frugal Fatigue Pt 1. utilize coupons and deals with and GroupOn.

Make saving a fun challenge, but it’s okay if  it doesn’t become a new job that you don’t have time for!



Question Mark

Readers Couponing Questions Answered

Angela from Oregon asked:  “I appreciate when you share the latest coupons or good deals, it helps me know what coupons to print.  I don’t shop at Walmart and on many of the coupons you show that Walmart is a good place to use the coupon.  Will you show more options for other stores? Oh and I see the Walmart logo on some of the coupons, can they be used anywhere else?

These are great questions!

Why Walmart?   Actually I don’t shop Walmart all that often.  For me the Walmart Neighborhood Markets in Las Vegas are usually the only Walmart I generally shop  instead of the super centers.  I found the prices at the Neighborhood Markets are the same as super centers.   The reason why I often use Walmart in the coupon deal scenarios is because Walmart is a good measure of what a sale price you can expect to see at other stores.  Of course – it’s for the Walmart shoppers, too.   Walmart is a good gauge of sorts to know what a good price would be to pay when using a coupon.  The bottom price after coupons represent a good price for stocking up.  When an item is on sale at another store, I do always try to include that in the deal scenario.

Walmart Logo On The Coupon, now what?:  Many time the logo you see on the screen on the printable coupons (usually only on will show on the SCREEEN ONLY and not print on the coupon.  Mr. Cameraman would say “Walmart is buying braincells”.   If a coupon does print the Walmart logo on it you will see it several ways.  1) Shows Walmart logo only 2) prints “redeemable at Walmart” or “found at Walmart” 3) And the rare occasion “Redeem at Walmart Only”

1) Shows only Walmart Logo, redeemable at Walmart or found at Walmart printed on the coupon.   These coupons can be used at any store, they are a regular manufacturer coupon that Walmart paid to have their name printed.  It is up to each stores discretion if they want to take them.  I personally have never been turned away from using these coupons at any store.

2) Redeem at Walmart Only:  Then that is the “rule” for that coupon, it can be used only at a Walmart store.  This is very rare to see printed on the coupons.  As with any coupon that prints a store name and the wording “only” it is restricted to that particular store.

The exception is if a store wants to use their “Price Match Policy” and they choose to accept competitor store coupons.  ie: Walmart does accept other stores coupons.

For more information be sure to check out the coupon 101, coupon terms & acronyms and other 101 help.


Do you have questions about coupons, savings, an area you want to save in but need help?  Send the questions to me and I will help answer them.  Use the “Contact” button on the top bar and send on over your questions! 


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Extreme Couponing Questions

How to make the most of Extreme Couponing 101.  There is a common coupon question about wording on coupons and I want to make sure I address it for new couponers and readers.   This is the question Keely left in the comments on a post:  “Newbie question…When the coupons (especially says “available at Walmart”, does that mean you have to use it there? Or will other stores accept it? Like Target or Walgreen’s?”


Hi Keely — Great question. And we all have asked this before when learning about coupons. When it shows “available at Walmart” or “redeemable at Walmart” it’s just Walmart paying to have their logo seen and letting you know you can use the coupon there, like a suggestion.  It is a manufacturer coupon than can be used any place that takes coupons, NOT just Walmart.  So, yes you can use it at Walgreens, Target and any other store.

If you see a coupon that shows “redeemable ONLY at Walmart” then that is the rule for that coupon and it can only be used at Walmart or whatever store is listed.  This does not happen too often. So the trick is the wording “only”

See the image below with how it will print on the coupon.  Missing are the words “only”  so use it anywhere.

Hope this helps you along on your Extreme Couponing ventures! Jen


How to Extreme Couponing

Karina on Facebook asked: Please I need clarification on this. If I buy 2 head and shoulders shampoos and give the cashier 2 coupons that are buy one get one free does that make them both free? I saw a video where a women said she did that please advise.

Jen answers:  If there is a store special for Buy One Get One Free (bogo) and you use a manufacturer coupon for a BOGO, then both would be free. So, the only way you can get both free is to combined with a store special for BOGO. Not all stores will allow you to double up a BOGO sale. Check each stores policy or take it to the cash register and see.   I would have no problem taking a BOGO coupon to the counter to use it with a BOGO  store special~If they say it is against store policy, then buy just the ones you want or none at all. It is perfectly okay not to purchase something you take up to the counter if your coupons don’t work the way you anticipated.  Some people will still buy it and return it later. I simply say..”I’m sorry, I don’t want  it if I can’t use my coupons the way I had intended”.   Great question Karina, and a really good one for Extreme Couponing 101 for Coupon Newbies®!

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