Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms

This list I have slowly compiled over the years. If you think of any other terms or explanations to add to the list, please leave comments. This blog is for you and I appreciate your input.

$1/1 $1/2 $1/3~ Dollar amount off how many items. $1 off one item, $1 off two items etc.

AC~ After Coupon
AR~ After Rebate

B1G1F~ Buy One item Get One Free
BOGO~ Buy One Get One xxx (Free, ½ price, get a gift card, etc)
BOLO~ Be On The Look Out
Blinkie~ Provided bySmart Source. Little dispenser box for coupons found at the store shelf and usually has a blinking red light
BTFE~ Box Tops For Education, a promotion by General Mills®

Catalina~ A coupon that dispenses from a machine located at the cash register, often in response to a specific product you purchased. Catalina is a marketing company that manages these promotions for companies. Catalinas are referred to as Register Rewards, Check Out Rewards, Check Out Coupons.
CO or C/O~ A Cents Off coupon
CPN~ Coupon
CRT~ Cash Register Tape

DCRT~ Dated Cash Register Tape, referred to when submitting a rebate
DND~ Do Not Double, referred to when discussing doubling of coupon value
Doubling~ Referred to when doubling a coupon face value. Sometimes doubled up to a set amount determined by the store accepting the coupon
Double Coupons~ See Doubling above

ECB~ Extra Care Bucks. CVS Pharmacy reward program. A Free ECB card may be obtained at the CVS store.
ETA~ Comment Edited To Add
ETS~ Excludes Trial Size product

FAR~ Free After Rebate
FF~ Firefox, defined for what printable link you need
Filler~ Additional item need at purchase for total or item total up enough to use all your coupons. Generally, referring to purchases at drug stores.

GC~ Gift Card
GDA~ Good Deal Alert
GM~ General Mills, insert comes in the newspaper occasionally

HABA/HBA~ Health and Beauty Aids
HT/HGT~ Hang Tag found on a products neck etc.
HTH~ Hard That Helps

IDSO~ In Desperate Search Of
IE~ Internet Explorer, defined for what printable link you need
IMO~ In My Opinion
IP~ Internet Printable coupon, printed on a home computer
IR~ Instant Rebate, Instant discount applied at time of purchase
IVC~ Instant Value Coupon. Walgreens coupon monthly booklet located in the store

LFE~ Campbell’s Labels for Education program

MFG or MFR~ Manufacturer
MIR~ Mail In Rebate
MM~ Moneymaker, getting a store reward for more than what you paid
Moments~ Moments To Save coupon insert found in Sunday newspaper
MQ~ Manufacturer Coupon

NED~ No expiration date
NLA~ No Longer Available

OAS~ on any size, a coupon or other offer that is valid on any size of product
OOP~ Out of Pocket, usually referring to the final cost after applied coupons and discounts
OOS~ Out of Stock
OSI~ On a Single Item
Overage~Using a coupon for more than your items purchace price, gives you money overage to apply to the remaining items in your transaction.
OYNO~ On Your Next Order/purchase, usually referring to Catalina type coupons that provide discount on your next purchase.

P&G~ Proctor & Gamble, also referring to PG Brandsaver coupon insert
Peelie~ a coupon found on a product that you peel off
POP~ Proof of purchase
PP~ Purchase Price
PSA~ Prices Starting At, prices vary by region/store

Q~ Coupon
Qualifier~ The POP required for a refund offer. It usually is the UPC code

Regional~ In a specific region of the country
RC or R/C~Raincheck, when a product is out a store provides this slip so you can get the sale price once the item is restocked.
Rolling~ paying with a reward and getting the same reward in return (Wags)
RP~Redplum Coupons, formerly known as Vlassis. Coupon insert company
RR~ Register Rewards, a Walgreen’s Pharmacy promotion. A type of “catalina” coupon received at check out and good on your next order.

SCR~ Rite Aid Single Check Rebate
SD~ Store Display
SF~ Store Form
SMP~ Specially Marked Packages
SS~ Smart Source, coupon inserts found in newspapers
Stacking~ Using a store specific and manufacturers coupon together on one purchase to receive additional discount. Store coupons are generally in addition to a manufacturer coupon. Store coupons are found in the newspaper, store fliers, on company website or home mailers.
Stockpile~ buying many items at a time in order to build a surplus while they are at a deeply discounted price

Tear pad~ A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging at store shelf or display
TMF~Try Me Free, usually a mail-in rebate refunding the purchase price of an item to encourage consumers to try the product. Usually on a hangtag
Triple coupon~ Occasionally a store will offer a promotional period for triple the manufacturers value on a coupon. For example, a coupon printed as 50 cents off of one item may be “triple” by the store to become $1.50 off the item. The store covers the cost of the additional discount, and each store sets their own policy on whether they double coupons, how many coupons may be doubled at once, etc. Please check your store for their specific policies.

UPC~ Group of numbers & lines on a product. Barcode found on products.
UP Rewards~ Rite Aid Rewards Program

V~Vlassis known as Redplum now

Wine Tag/WT~ A coupon or discount hanging from a bottle of wine
WAC~Weekly Ad Coupon
Weekly Flyer Coupon
Wine purchase necessary
While Supplies Last
When You Buy

X~Expiration date of coupon

YMMV~ Your Mileage May Vary; the results may vary, or the offer may not be available in all areas, etc.

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Liz July 28, 2011 at

I’m confused what is the difference between B1G1F and BOGO. It seems to me that your still having to buy one to get one.


bev macoskey September 4, 2011 at

I have recently started couponing. Wondering why it took me sooo long to save. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you


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Any classes being offered in Pensacola florida


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Hi Pamela – Right now I do not know of any classes in Pensacola. We may be going that direction soon. I will keep Tip Resource updated when any new classes open up.

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Myriam August 18, 2013 at

I have a question. I love couponing! But one thing I really struggle with is the organization of the coupons after going to the stores and I had coupons leftover because items really were not on sale or maybe clipped the wrong coupon etc. Now that I took them out of the the week pack what is the best way to organize? Also when I receive coupons in the mail or friends give me coupons they will not use. I need the best tips to organize these loose coupons. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!