Extreme Couponing All Stars – The Back Story

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by Jennifer Freeman


Extreme Couponing All Stars planning

Extreme Couponing All Stars

Jen Morris wrote an awesome back story about our experience on TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars. She blogs for the Las Vegas Review Journal and you can see all her blog posts HERE.


Did you happen to see tonight’s episode of TLC’s new series Extreme Couponing All Stars?  This new series is based on a competition between previous show participants, but with a twist.  This time there are rules.  For example, shoppers must have a minimum of $500 in products before coupons and they must purchase at least 15 different items.  Then the clincher…they have only 30 minutes to complete their shop.  Contestants go head-to-head and the winner is decided based on the total percentage saved.  It’s almost like Supermarket Sweep meets Extreme Couponing, and it’s all for charity!Extreme Couponing All Stars Check Out

When Jen Freeman from Tip Resource asked me to help her with Extreme Couponing All Stars  and told me the premise was more about benevolence, how could I refuse?  Jen and I have worked together for almost a year now teaching couponing workshops in Las Vegas and California.  We have tons of fun together and have such similar couponing philosophies.  The tricky part to planning the Extreme Couponing All Stars trip was that between myself, Jen, and our other partner in crime, Shannon, we had to juggle planning and traveling over a few weeks.   We would sneak off to Glazier’s  to put down a plan of action, but then the next week different items would be on sale, we would have new coupons, and then would have to redo the master list.  It was tons of fun but a little unnerving as well. We knew planning for the Extreme Couponing All Stars show would be work!

On filming day of TLC’s Extreme Couponing ALL Stars, I must admit I was way nervous that things would not go according to our plan.  Sure enough, some items were listed at different prices so there was some quick recalculating going on before “go time”.   But I tell ya, we had such a blast filming Extreme Couponing All Stars.  In fact, you will see some shots of Jen and I walking into Glazier’s of Vegas  all stone-faced and serious.  Those of you who have met me at a workshop or class know that I am anything but “serious”.  I think we seriously walked down the parking lot at least five times before we were deemed fierce enough for Extreme Couponing All Stars.

The Extreme Couponing All Stars shop went off without a hitch!  Jen finished with loads of time to spare and we ended up racking up a bill of over $1,800!  Of course we aren’t going to be paying that amount.  Our form of payment is our coupons.  I remember a point when we were down to our last few stacks of coupons and we knew exactly how much would be left and it was going to be VERY close to $0!  Imagine our heartache when we stood there and Bill, our cashier at Glazier’s, was holding one last coupon for $.75, but couldn’t ring it through because our

Extreme Couponing all stars - st. therese

Father I O'Brien, Saint Therese Center

bill at that point was only $.69!  UGH!  We were literally pennies away from a zero balance.  We thought we had it in the bag though since our percentage saved was still outstanding!  Sure enough, Joni, our competitor, got hers down to 100% savings. We lost.  By pennies.  Did we mind?  Not at all!  After all, everything we purchased went to a local charity.  We met some amazing people from St. Therese HIV Outreach that evening.  They were so grateful for everything we purchased for them and we were filled with gratitude for the opportunity to give.  It was such an amazing experience!  If you want to see more behind the scenes of  Extreme Couponing All Stars see the chat between Jen and I, check out this YouTube video.
Make sure to stick around for the bloopers.

Hope you enjoy the new TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars show!  Happy Couponing!  Jen Morris

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TLC Extreme Couponing All Stars

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