Glowing Hands Ice Cubes and “You’ve Been Boo-ed” – Halloween Fun!!

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by Jennifer Freeman

halloween ice cubes

Halloween is a holiday that we make fun, none of the scary things go on in our house. We like the light-hearted side that Halloween can have.  Here are 2 fun things we do around our house over Halloween.  Hope you enjoy our Halloween traditions.

Severed-Glow In The Dark Ice Hands
~Add to your Fright-Night Halloween Punch – the kids get a big kick out of this.

To make Glow In The Dark Ice Hands, use Tonic Water!  The luminescence comes from the quinine in the tonic water, which naturally glows blue when exposed to UV light. So make sure you have a black light!

2 medium or large powder-free latex gloves
3 cups flat tonic water
2 rubber bands

To flatten the tonic water, just pour in a dish and swish around several times until the effervescence bubbling stops.

Fill each glove with about 1 1/2 cups of the flat tonic water.  Squeeze out as much air as possible and close the opening of the glove tightly with a rubber band.  Lay the glove flat on the baking sheet line with wax paper and repeat with the second glove.  Place in the freezer until solid, at least overnight.  Add to your favorite punch!

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halloween traditions

Get Boo-ed ~ It is really fun!

This is our neighborhood Halloween tradition, maybe you can start it in your neighborhood.

It is a simple thing.  Print a “You’ve Been Boo-ed” note, make 2 candy & treat filled plastic pumpkins and place a “You’ve Been Boo-ed” note inside of each one.   Let the kids take a pumpkin to the neighbors house, place one filled pumpkin on their doorstep, ring the doorbell and RUN!!!  Now, find a second neighbor and repeat!  Oh, my the twins go crazy over this!!! My Vegas neighborhood wouldn’t be the same with out this tradition!

The object is for the “Boo-ed” neighbor to make 3 copies of the “you’ve Been Boo-ed” note, placing one on their front door and using the other 2 for their candy & treat filled pumpkins they will take to neighbors who don’t have a “You’ve Been Boo-ed” note on the door yet.

But Start this right away so it has time to go around your neighborhood!  Want an “office” version of the “You’ve Been Booed” note? There is one for that too!

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