Free Bookmark: 10 Golden Rules To A Happy Family and See Our Make At Home Bookmarks

10:31 am

by Jennifer Freeman

10 Golden Rules To A Happy Family – Free bookmark

We do a lot of reading in our house!  Get a free bookmark offer, 10 Golden Rules To A Happy Family!  And there is a  free daily devotionals offer too.  Alex and Lindsey love books and we come home from the library with about 30 books at a time and read and read and read!  We find books on anything they are interested in, so far this year it has been drawing horses, all about cats, magic tricks, origami, Amelia Bedelia, fun books on punctuation & grammar, even Hawaii.

I tell the kids, if you learn to read well, you can learn anything and about any subject you can possible think!  Books open up a whole new world.

Fun Make At Home Bookmarks Re-purposing

If you want a summer project with the kids, you can make some fun bookmarks at home, using things from around the house!

cereal box bookmarks See how the kids made some pretty cool bookmarks! It’s super easy, frugal and most of all FREE FUN!!!


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