Gooseberry Patch Cookbook – Free

8:00 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Gooseberry Patch Cookbook

Gooseberry Patch Cookbook


Do you love to cook and want some new ideas?  Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks has a free offer for their Circle of Friends Cookbook.   Download these chapters from the Circle of Friends Cookbook for FREE!   The free Gooseberry Patch chapters are Macaroni & Cheese, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Meatloaf, Slow-cooker, Dips and Spreads, Burgers, Savory Pies and Favorite Recipes.

Superbowl is just around the corner and the Gooseberry Patch Cookbook chapter from Burger and the Dips and Spreads may give you some great new Superbowl Recipes! Enjoy!

Click to head on over and download your Free Gooseberry Patch Cookbook chapters.


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Gooseberry Patch January 26, 2012 at

Thanks so much for sharing these freebies…we appreciate it! 🙂

Just want to be clear though — these aren’t chapters from larger books. Each of them IS a chapter and, when you put them all together, they are the Circle of Friends cookbook! So glad you’re enjoying them. Thanks again!