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8:13 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Yakult Coupon

Yakult Coupon

Yakult 5-pack for FREE!   Take the short 4 question easy quiz and get a Yakult coupon for Buy one Yakult 5-pack and get one free, plus there are tasting sample events at many stores.

Yakult CouponYakult Coupon
Buy One Get One Free

I was first introduced to Yakult while we lived in Japan serving the military and drank it often.  Recently, I found it in the US and was thrilled! Yakult is probiotic. It contains billions of live and active “good bacteria.” Your digestive system naturally contains trillions of all kinds of bacteria — some are helpful, some are harmful. When you drink Yakult, it makes it difficult for the bad bacteria to grow.   If you or your kids every have to take antibiotics, add Yakult to you diet to add back the good bacteria.


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