Frugal Living: Cereal Boxes Bookmarks

8:10 am

by Jennifer Freeman

cerealbox bookmarks

Frugal Living project for the kids.  Turn Cereal boxes or other colorful boxes into fun bookmarks.  These cereal box bookmarks are  perfect for summer reading or just to have a new project for the kids.

recycled boxes

Gather any cardboard boxes (cereal, cracker, cakemixes, snacks, cookies, soda boxes)
Hole Punch
Corner Rounder, helpful but not required
Paper cutter, recommended but not necessary
Laminator, optional

cereal box bookmarks

Choose parts of the recycled boxes that will make nice long strips for the bookmarks.  Sizes are your choice, just make sure they are long enough to be useful in marking a book.  Let the kids color the plain cardboard back.

Use a corner rounder for the corners, or round them yourself the old fashioned way with scissors.   Punch a hole and thread a 8″ or so ribbon through the hole and secure.   If you want, laminate the bookmarks before using the hole punch.

The ribbon is from the dollar spot at Target on sale and perfect for this project because each spool had just enough ribbon for 2 bookmarks.

scotch laminator


I just had my Scotch Laminator delivered, so this was a perfect time to use it!.  I got a great deal on it I only paid $24.97 shipped, and it is usually $80!!  It looks like the laminator is still on the killer sale — Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System – FREE SHIPPING too!

cereal box bookmarks

We completed our bookmarks in about 45 minutes and that included set up and clean up.

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