How to use a coupon database to increase your couponing savings

7:15 am

by Jennifer Freeman

How to use a coupon database to increase your savings

My goal in talking to you about couponing and sharing my experiences is to help you save your family money.  I have learned through trials and errors the easy way to save the most money with the littlest effort & time.   I am positive you can get the deepest savings at any store after watching the video I made showing you how to effectively use a free coupon database.

Shop at your favorite store, if you have a matching grocery list or not!!

WATCH MY VIDEO and Learn how to easily & quickly match-up savings at any store (Whole Foods, local markets, Sprout’s, Kroger, Kmart, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, anywhere!).  A match-up list is a great help but you can find yourself limited unless you learn how to do it on your own the same way I have for 2 decades!

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e williams November 2, 2016 at

Hey Jen whats the best site to clip coupons from?


Jennifer Freeman January 5, 2017 at

Using the free coupon data base here on my site will help you with links to printables and mobile coupons. The best source is your local newspaper for the coupon inserts. Jen


Marissa September 18, 2018 at

Jen were can I print coupon