Keep the Romance Alive – on the Cheap!

8:08 am

by Jen Morris

Love Notes

Frugal Date Ideas

I love my husband!  I love dating my husband!  We will have been married for 15 years this summer {yeah} and believe it or not we still like hanging out together.  Jen asked me to share some fun ideas with you on how to keep fanning the flame ;-).

1 – Love notes!

Don’t underestimate the power of a well written note.  My hubby went out of town for work and was stressing about all he had to accomplish.  I wanted him to understand how much I love and appreciate him so I got several small index cards and wrote simple notes.  I won’t tell you what to write (too personal – tee hee), but I hid them in in his jacket pockets, overnight bag, socks, rolled in his tie, anywhere he would find them at various times during his crazy day.  Easy Peasy!

When I say “love notes” don’t think it has to be all paper and pen scenarios.  Invest in some dry erase markers and leave a sweet message on the bathroom mirror.  You can also purchase bathtub crayons {not for the kids – wink wink} and leave each other notes on the shower walls.  Before I left for a coupon event a few months ago, I whipped up a little gift for my honey because he does so much to support me while I am gone…

If you want a quick gift, the fun gals at The Dating Divas has a super cute printable.  Grab a quick frame and those dry erase markers come right in handy once again.

2 – Date Nights – Don’t overdo it.

When we were “courting” we spent hours and hours and lots of Joe’s money (hee hee) on our dates.  But the most memorable dates aren’t going to the fanciest restaurant…it’s the sweet cheap dates.

  • Go to 7-11 and buy a couple blocks of ice.  Bring a towel, find a hill, fold the towel on top of the ice block and sit your bum right on down.  Add the hill and WEEEEEEEE!  Date for under $3!
  •  The other night we went out with some friends.  After dinner we realized we still had our sitters for another hour and we therefore were not ready to go home.  We ran to the grocery store and bought Diet Coke and Mentos.   Anyone??   Do you know what happens at the park when you pop a few Mentos into a newly opened 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke??   Stand back!!  FAST! That was a hoot, but still not an hour.  So in Vegas did you know there is a Pinball Hall of Fame?  We had a blast playing old school arcade games and we only spent an extra $5.   That may have been a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, but it was loads of fun.

The point is, a “date” is just a time for mommy and daddy to connect without any distractions.  Go for a walk, grab some yogurt, just don’t over-think it and you will keep that flame glowing long and bright.

Do you have any frugal date ideas you can share? 



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