What’s best to buy in May

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by Jennifer Freeman

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What’s best to buy in May?

Have you ever wondered what are the best months to buy certain items?  What is on clearance by month?   Use my “when is it best to buy” certain items list.  This list is compiled from years of making the most of my money by purchasing strategically.  And one of my big strategies is buy when the best price presents itself.  My What’s Best To Buy This Month series will give you the guideline.

During the year, when I make note of things we need to consider replacing in the house I will wait for the seasonal sale. While I am waiting, it gives me an opportunity to stash a little money away to plan for that purchase.

Many stores honor veteran’s on Memorial Day weekend with special discounts, free meals and more. Home Depot and Lowe’s both offer 10% discounts during Memorial Day weekend!

Don’t forget the fun day of May the Fourth Be With You..heehee, get it?

So, What is best to buy in May?  

Toward the end of the month, traditionally Memorial Day sales begin on Friday and last throughout the first official weekend of the summer.

Mother’s Day at the beginning of May: Perfumes, decorative frames, small gifts, flowers, small memento gifts.

Memorial Day is coming the last weekend of the month.  look for packaged meats (buy, re-portion to smaller size and freeze), BBQ sauce, ketchup, condiments, charcoal, salad dressing, potato chips, dips & Paper Products (plates, utensils, insect repellent, sunscreen, etc.) and all other picnic supplies, along with outdoor furniture. Start Watching for great Charcoal coupons~print and keep for sales. Buy up enough to get you through the summer BBQ Season.

AND If you’ve been putting off major purchases on electronics, laptops, flat screen TVs, (or if you want to get a head start on smart Father’s Day gift shopping or last minute graduation gifts) Memorial Day weekend is the time to pounce at Dell, Best Buy, and other top electronics retailers.

Don’t forget the fun day of May the Fourth Be With You..heehee get it?

Cinco De Mayo is May 5: All things Mexican!  salsa, spices, tortillas, and more!  Get coupons for these items also!  Watch for coupons to match to clearance items:  And search the Free Coupon Database by category, product or brand!

May is mattress month as stores make room for newer models. Watch for cushy sales of up to 50% off (together with offers of free shipping) to lure in shoppers.

Clearance: Mother’s Day gift, perfumes, jewelry boxes, (think about upcoming female birthdays, bridal showers, graduation, dance recitals), and athletic apparel. Look for blank greeting cards, note cards. Other items including decorations, t-shirts and aprons, eating utensils, & paper plates.

Seasonal Produce: apricots, artichokes, asparagus, avocado,green beans, cherries, beets, blackberries, carrots, onions, sweet vidalia, peas, edible pods, English/Shelling peas, new potatoes, raspberries, rhubarb, & strawberries.

Print coupons now and watch for sales~Click Images Below!



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Carrie May 1, 2012 at

Is there a way that we could print these out for the entire year instead of by month?


Jennifer Freeman May 2, 2012 at

That is a good question. Right now I just have them posted once a month. You can go to each post and print it. I will see about creating a document so you can print them all.

I’ll post back here.


Carrie May 3, 2012 at

Thank you so much Jen. I figured that it would be a great help to the newbies. So they can know exactly what will go on sale at a particular time of the year. This is the one mistake that I made when I first started out.