Shopkick: I’m Loving Shopkick ~ Legitimately Earn Gift Cards by Walking into Stores

3:51 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

So, I have to tell you about a legitimate way to earn gift cards while you are out and about shopping.  Shopkick is not new but I recently started using it so I can earn gift cards to a couple of store (Target and Starbucks are my 2 favorites).

There are not many app where  you can truly earn cash that are real and easy to use!  Shopkick is one of the few I have found.  It is super easy and my kids are old enough to use it too!

You can earn $5 in a week without a purchase. First, download the Shopkick app, turn on bluetooth. When you walk in to the store, or sometime near by with the bluetooth on you will get “kicks” (points).

You can scan the products listed in the app for that store for more “kicks” and there is no purchase necessary. It seems on the weekend the “kicks” value are higher. Plus earn for online shopping too.   If you purchase items on the list, submit your receipt for more “kicks”.

It’s SO simple to redeem your rewards for a gift card! The app lets you know you have a reward ready and once you have 500 “kicks” you can redeem $2 gift card. However, I wait for 1250 “kicks” to get the $5 gift cards. Weekly I get a $5 gift card.

There are many places to get your gift cards from:  Walmart, Starbucks, Eagle Outfitters, Lowes, Target, Ebay, Cheesecake Factory, Gamestop, Old Navy, Itunes and more.

Sign up here for Shopkick & start earning your gift cards! 


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