The Frugal Order: Getting Organized

8:43 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

frugal order

First of all, don’t confuse “getting organized” with “buying stuff”! There’s a difference between organization and the products you’ll use to achieve that goal; organization is a process, not a product. It involves time and thought, motivation and effort- things you can’t buy in any store.

Organize FIRST, measure next, and buy (only if necessary) LAST! If you work from home and have a huge mess of papers all over your desk, don’t automatically run to the store and buy a file cabinet. First you should go through the whole pile of papers and sort them; see if there are any you can get rid of, or any that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. After you’ve sorted through the papers then count or measure to see how many you have, that way you’ll know if you ALREADY HAVE space available for them or not. If not,  then you’ll be able to know how large of a file organizer you’ll need, and also measure to see what size will fit in the space you want to put it. Now you’ll be going to the store informed and ready to make a money savy purchase.

But always remember that there’s other options than just running to the nearest store where you’ll probably end up paying retail, and way too much for what you need.

  • Watch for freebie finds and and recycling candidates
  • Use creativity instead of cash- sometimes there are other, cheaper products that can do the same job as the more expensive one you may want to buy.
  • Hit the yard sales

get organizes
get organized
get organized

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