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TLC discovered this video and then contacted us about being on the show.

We posted this video on Youtube Dec 16, 2010.   TLC’s Extreme Couponing Had NOT aired yet!   The Extreme Couponing premiered 2 weeks later , Dec 29, 2010.  This video was discovered by someone at TLC and they contacted me in February to appear on the show.


My $18 Target Shopping Trip for $2: Extreme Couponing = Extreme Savings



Now that your ordered multiple newspapers, how to organize them.

How to Prepare for an upcoming shopping trip:


Can a person REALLY save right away?

Within 2 weeks since Franceen joined us for a couponing meeting and she already saved hundreds!!

At Tipresource.com I want to help you save at all stores. Here is a shopping trip from Target

I will help you with ideas for saving using seasonal sales. See My Kitchen Recipes and Videos for more ideas for the strawberries. Also you will find other savings and cooking ideas.

I LOVE to share couponing and frugal savings ideas. This is a conversation I had with a friend in my backyard. I share information with you through Tipresource.com like I would any friend of mine.

TLC’s Promotional TV Ad for The Season Finale of TLC’s Extreme Couponing Episode. Titled :: Scott and Jen

So many pictures were taken during the shoot. Here is a compilation of many of them. We have not published these pictures anywhere! You are the first to be seeing them!


Behind the Scenes at the Lemonade Stand


Extreme Couponing Shopping List.
This is the actual shopping list I used on my shopping trip. 

Total Before Coupons: $880.98
Total After Military Discount and All Coupons:  $ 88.20
For a total savings of:  90%



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Jo Ann Walters November 19, 2011 at

Hi Jen,

I just wanted to Thank You for taking the time to come to San Diego and show us some of your tips and tricks to couponing! I have been doing this for 20 to 30 years, but still learned a lot from you. Learning about the UTsmartbuys.com site alone was worth spending the evening at the UT. I will be returning on Dec. 7th with friends and family in tow.

Having been a military wife myself, I was very happy to have the addresses to send my expired coupons overseas to help our military families!!! I have some ready to go in the mail today.

I am having a very hard time viewing your videos and even tried to view them on you tube with little success. I have a laptop and a desktop pc, both of which are top of the line computers. If you have any tips or tricks for viewing your videos I would be very happy to know of them.

Again thanks so much and I will look forward to seeing you again on 12/7/11.

Take Care and Happy Couponing!

Jo Ann Walters


Evelyn Thomasson March 21, 2012 at

Hi Jen! I just wanted to make sure that the addresses below from your website are the most current for sending coupons to the military.

Thanks so much for your tips!

Megan Majors
PSC 76 BOX 4765
APO, AP 96319

Hannah Soto
PSC 76 BOX 2216
APO, AP 9631


Jennifer Freeman March 22, 2012 at

Yes, this is accurate. Thank you for your donation, what a blessing.



Melody February 10, 2013 at

Hi there! I simply would like to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great information you have got here on this post. I will be returning to your web site for more soon.


Venus Gault August 24, 2015 at

Hi Jen,
I was sending my expired coupons to:
Alexandra Pankowski
PSC 76 Box 5818
APO, AP 96319

They came back. I went to a different PO this time and don’t know if it was just the not so smart girl behind the counter. Charged me the wrong amount and I see the name they rewrote is different. So I am just checking. I have more coupons to send but don’t want them to come back. Thank you to you and your family for your service and all you do to help others. Thanks again. Venus