Jen Freeman

Featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing Season 1 Finale from Las Vegas

From Jen:  When my husband and I moved overseas to Japan during the 90’s with the military, I was stunned at the prices we paid for food on base. I learned to coupon & refund while living there. From contacts with the Refunding Makes Cents magazine I became acquainted with people that sent me expired coupons. The military can use expired coupons overseas 6 months past the expiration date. I would distribute the coupons to different facilities on base when a package came in. When we moved back to the states prices seemed so cheap to me that I fell out of couponing.

Now fast forward a few years and I was blessed with the best coupon EVER~one pregnancy 2 babies! Best BOGO I ever received was when I found out I was pregnant with twins! And it’s been a ride ever since. I became a work at home mom until they were two and realized I couldn’t keep that up. So, when I officially quit working and our economy began to falter it sparked a renewed interest for me to become frugal, again. I love the challenge of saving money and finding great deals that benefit my family’s bottom line and fill our stomachs with yummy healthy food. I started stockpiling health, beauty aids & paper goods 2 years ago, then realized I needed to do the same for groceries since prices have begun to skyrocket.

I recently took on the challenge of home schooling my bundles of energy. I will share information that I find compelling and free resources when I come across them. These resources can be used along with any schooling program: public, private or homeschool. Some of these resources will be a great thing to pull out when you hear the words “I’m bored” I have a great respect for parents and value the different choices we make for our families and our children’s schooling.

So between couponing, blogging, cooking from scratch, homeschooling the twins AND still enjoying being my handsome husband’s girlfriend after 21 years~life is busy and fulfilling! It is from years of teaching myself couponing that Tip Resource came about.  I want to share all that I learned with others and help them achieve extreme savings!


Jen Morris

From Jen Freeman: I want to introduce you to Jen Morris, AKA comic relief.  It’s been SO much fun getting to know Jen on our fun trips  teaching Extreme Couponing workshops  all over the US ~fun is always at hand.  She has a wealth of knowledge in couponing and so many other areas, not to mention she is my kindred spirit in the kitchen!  I think you will enjoy her fun posts and the fabulous ideas she has. We are blessed to have her here and sharing.  ~ I really appreciate you Jen!


From Jen Morris:  Hi there!! My name is Jen Morris. I am a wife to Joe, mother to 5 children, Jillian (10), Jakob (8), Jarrett (5), Jocelynn (3), and Jaxson (1.5), and I’m the Grocery Geek! My coupon journey began years ago now when I was invited to go to a coupon class at my friend’s home. I was intrigued because we were desperate to figure out how to save money in that area of our budget. At the time, we spent right around $1100 a month for a family of 6 on all our household and grocery items. I thought that was good!! At the class I learned a few key things that changed my life and cut our budget down to around $450 a month for a now family of 7! THAT is good!! With only 2 months of couponing under my belt, I decided I needed to teach others what I had learned as well. Coupons changed my life and I just HAD to tell people about it! I got trained as an instructor pretty quickly and have been teaching classes ever since.

Now, my life is better because of coupons, but my life doesn’t revolve around coupons either. I am very active in my church, I love to be involved in my kids’ school, I like digital scrapbooking, and oh boy, do I love a good trip to Home Depot! Once upon a time, I was an accountant, customer service agent, and did some American Sign Language on the side. If you do a little Google digging, you may see my name in conjunction with the Saints Unified Voices choir directed by the legendary Gladys Knight. I sang and toured with this group for about 9 years and may have scooped up a little Grammy along the way.  But, life happens, and with the arrival of baby #5 decided to retire my choir robes. If you drive close enough to my car though, you may catch me singing along to the radio (rather loudly), but that’s about all the performing I do these days.

You will find me poking my head on this site from time to time, so I thought you should know a little about me. So, hello, nice to meet you, and I can’t wait to hear of your saving successes!!




Kelly Gibbs

Kelly Gibbs

It is a pleasure to have another fellow TLC Extreme Couponing friend here on Tip Resource.  When I was in Sacramento, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Kelly and her darling daughter Evangeline.  Kelly was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing Show Season 2.   She is an amazing person and a coupon master!  After meeting her, I thought it would be so much fun to introduce Kelly to the fantastic Tip Resource readers since she shares several posts a week detailing the best drug store deals.

Interview with Kelly Gibbs ~Featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing

Share with Tip Resource readers a bit about your background, you and your family.
I was born and raised in Elk Grove, CA, and I am the fifth of six children. I went to college in Utah, which is where I met my husband Zach. I have been married for four and a half years, and I have a 14-month-old daughter named Evangeline. I have recently gone back to school to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene. I started couponing two years ago when my husband and I bought our first home, and we were struggling to get all the bills paid. It was a fun and easy way to stretch my dollar a little further!

How did you become acquainted with TLC’s Extreme Couponing and eventually be featured on the show?
I had been couponing for quite some time before the show aired, so once I heard about the show, I was definitely interested in seeing what they did. It was very fun to watch, and I decided I wanted to give it a try. I sent in an application, and they asked me to film a video of my stockpile. After that, I got a phone call saying they wanted me on the show!

What was you favorite part about being featured on the show?
My favorite part about being featured on the show was being able to show that not all extreme couponers are crazy hoarders, and that couponing can do a lot of good! I have been able to help out my parents and my handicapped brother through my couponing. It’s not all about shelf clearing and $50,000 stockpiles! :)

How long did it take you to plan your Extreme Couponing shopping trip?
It took about three weeks to plan everything.

Was the total before and after coupons the amount you were expecting?
It was pretty close. I had estimated about $750 for my before total, and it came out to around $850 (including the groceries I had to go back for), but I didn’t take the cost of tax into consideration. I had estimated that I would pay about $20 after coupons, and I ended up paying $25, so I felt pretty good about that one.

Did the store know you were coming to do this shopping trip? or did you just walk in and start shopping?
The store definitely knew I was coming. I was in touch with the store manager ahead of time to make sure what I needed was in stock and to do some pre-ordering on the items that I was buying in large quantity.

Anything not shown on your TLC’s Extreme Couponing episode that you would like to share?
I actually had to go back to get more groceries! My total was going into the negative, and since my store does not give money back on purchases, I had to get something to make up the difference. So I got six boxes of my brother’s other favorite food – oatmeal!

Did you buy large quantities of everything or were there smaller quantity items too?
A majority of what I bought was in smaller quantity. Yes, I bought 260 Tic Tacs, but everything else was much smaller quantity! Looking back on my list, I had 42 different items on my list, most of which I only bought in quantities of 2 or 3.

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