Seasonal Sales — What to buy when

Seasonal Sales

Each month offers special pricing, discounts and sales.   To really take hold of Extreme Couponing it is the strategy behind what to buy when that will give you the best budget saving deals!   These seasonal sales items have been created from years of learning what to buy and when to save my family the most money.

Do you have any Seasonal Sale items to add to these lists?  Please leave a comment and share!

January Seasonal Sales

February Seasonal Sales

March Seasonal Sales

April Seasonal Sales

May Seasonal Sales

June Seasonal Sales

July Seasonal Sales

August Seasonal Sales

September Seasonal Sales

October Seasonal Sales

November Seasonal Sales

December Seasonal Sales

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Shelley Kelly December 13, 2016 at

I had an awesome time at your Dallas coupon class!! Thank you so much


Jennifer Freeman January 5, 2017 at

Love that you came and had a great time. I am hearing from so many people who are saving so much money since coming to the coupon class! Jen


Jennifer Freeman February 9, 2017 at

So glad you loved it and we sure had a great time ourselves! Pop on over to the facebook page and you will see some of the savings that people have posted. The messages are on the sidebar.