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Sylina Marquez October 27, 2011 at

I am inquiring about coupons. I heard that if a coupon has a number #5 in front of the other numbers that it can be scanned Twice (2)
However if the coupon has a number #9 in front of the other numbers you can not double. What I would like to know if this a true statement, & were can I go to get it in writing.
I await your response.
Thank You


Teresa January 16, 2012 at

I’ve noticed that alot of the couponers on the show have some sort of spreadsheet. I would love to be that organized, could you give some info on how to do these? Not just for shopping but maybe coupon organization using the spreadsheet. Thanks so much!!!! P.S. Attended one of your coupon events and loved it. Lots of great info. We had alot of fun meeting other couponers.


Jennifer Freeman January 16, 2012 at

Hi Teresa — The spreadsheet is simply an excel spreadsheet. It is just a matter of making a list of the items, the sales price, quantity to purchase and then the coupons being used, and a final column of the net out of pocket cost.

For a weekly/daily shopping list, I think this would be overkill! I use the grocery smarts printable list and just write how many I am going to purchase in the column after I print my list.

Shannon and Jen are a wizards using the spread sheets~they created the one that I used! I will ask if they can create something and share it on Tip Resource. In the meantime, using the Grocery Smarts list is going to be the easiest.