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by Jennifer Freeman

nicorette Nicorette Coupons


Is your 2012 New Years Resolution to stop smoking?   That is a perfect resolution to help you save money and have better health.  January CVS Monthly ECB deals include a $10 ecb when you buy $25 in Nicorette products.  Look for the CVS Living Smart Goals Pocket Guide.  It is a booklet located either by the pharmacy or front registers.  Inside is a $10/1 Nicorette Coupon. 

At CVS spend $25 on Nicorette products and get $10 ecb.  Stack Nicorette coupons.  
Here’s a CVS Deal Idea~

Buy 1 Nicorette or NicoDerm CQ Gum, Patch 14 ct. or Lozenge 72-81 ct. $39.99
-$10/1 Nicorette Coupon from CVS (Living Smart Goals Pocket Guide) 
Stack with:  $15.00 on NicoDerm CQ 14ct +, Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Lozenge or mini Lozenge 72ct +
= $14.99 + tax | Earn $10 ECB
Final Cost $4.99 + tax

There are more Nicorette coupons available to help you keep your 2012 stop smoking resolution.  I found these by searching the Tip Resource Coupon Database.

$7.00 off on any Nicorette Mini Lozenge
$1.00 off any 20ct Nicorette Gum
$15.00 on NicoDerm CQ 14ct +, Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Lozenge or mini Lozenge 72ct +
$15/1 Nicorette Nicoderm CQ, Nicorette Gum, Nicorette Lozenge or Nicorette Mini Lozenge, exp. 2/12/12 (RP 01/01/12)
$7/1 Nicorette Mini Lozenge printable

Head on over to CVS with your Nicorette coupons and look for this steal to help you keep your 2012 New Year’s Resolution to kick the smoking habit! 

SAVE $15.00 on NicoDerm®CQ® 14ct or larger, Nicorette® Gum, Nicorette® Lozenge or Nicorette® mini Lozenge 72ct or larger.

Nicorette Coupons

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Tracy January 9, 2012 at

Can you tell me what’s on the front cover of this guide. I am having trouble locating it


Angela S January 11, 2012 at

My mother and I both have CVS ExtraCare accounts. She is a non-smoker and I am a smoker. She receives these SmartLiving fliers and booklets in the mail, I do not. I have called almost every department at the CVS 800 number, been all over the website, emailed them, written letters and cannot find anyone in any department who knows where they come from, or how to get signed up to receive them. I have asked at the store (only my small hometown one) and they did not know of them either. The only thing that any CVS employee has come up with is the possibility that my Mother gets them because of some affiliation that CVS may have with her health insurance company, which she admitted was just a guess. I don’t have the same health insurance as she does so this may be the missing link. She is also diabetic and frequently gets all of her prescriptions meds at CVS. This could be a factor as well. The only other thing that I can think of is that she has possibly bought cigarettes for me at CVS using her ExtraCare card at some point in time. I don’t think that I have ever bought cigarettes at CVS. The only two SmartLivings pamphlets that I have seen have come in the past 3 months (one booklet and one flier, both with $10 off Nicorette) and were both on the topic of smoking cessation. There are probably other topics however, I mentioned that my Mother is a diabetic and I have never seen one on that topic (I get her mail for her everyday). I am sorry to be long-winded, but I have covered some ground in search of these things and wanted to share it all here in one place. If anyone has anything to add, please let me know. You may also email me since I may forget to check here. I am still awaiting a response from the last letter I sent to CVS (to the exact return address that the SmartLiving flier came from, along with a photocopy of what it looks like). If they say they have never heard of it, or don’t know what I am talking about this time, I will KNOW they are fibbing. It would just be nice if they could somehow get them to the people who want, need and would use them. If I get a response, I will share here. Again, I am sorry to have written a book on the subject ;-). Thanks for the good information on this site!!!


Anthony April 30, 2012 at

My fiancé is a smoker not me so how do I get and print coupons to assist her in stopping to smoke.


Jennifer Freeman April 30, 2012 at

I have a great coupon for you to print! I just posted it.



Jennifer Freeman April 30, 2012 at