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Send Expired Coupons to the military —

2:19 pm

by Jennifer Freeman

Our military members living overseas can use expired manufactures coupons up to 6 months after they expire. If you would like to send your expired coupons to them, it would be a great blessing to our military families living out of the country.

Ask at the post office to send these “military rate” – it is a better pricing on certain boxes!

When you send the coupons, please include in your package that Tip Resource gave you the address! I sure appreciate it!

*Mail expired coupons to military members in Japan. These are US Mailing addresses. Military can use a coupons up to 6 months pass expiration only. Thank you for your generosity!


England Address:

Silvia Fugate
PSC 41  Box 2583
APO AE 09464
Japan Addresses:
Teri Holcomb
PSC 76 BOX 5304
APO, AP 96319
Alexandra Pankowski
PSC 76 BOX 5818
APO AP 96319
No longer send to Megan, she’s moving! 

Megan Majors
PSC 76 BOX 4765
APO, AP 96319




Please include in your package Tip Resource shared the address.
I sure appreciate it!